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Tadano walked by four legs, and developed industry's first robot "ROBOTOPS (Robotops)" to transport the heavy load by two arms. crane..manufacture..cultivate..oil pressure..electronically deployment such as the rescue robots at the making the best use of disaster also puts a remote-controlled function in view besides the technology is fed back to the crane development while evolving it in addition though the commercialization is not scheduled.

The symposium was held in the this company Technical Research Institute in the Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsushi woods town on the 26th. President Koichi Tadano spoke, "The crane of work by the place to which man was not able to go etc. was expected advancing in the future toward the direction of using robots, and Robotops became the one to indicate the future of the crane".

Robotops makes four outriggers (stabilizer) to favour the body of the crane when working of lifting up etc. a mobile, and walks at a speed of 2.5 meters per minute. The movement control system such as making it not tip the balance when the leg was raised by a joint research with Okayama University Department of Engineering was developed.

Movement variegated as the part where the thing in the point of the arm was gripped faced, was worth, and twisted the above and the front because there were joints in 27 places on the leg and the arm, etc. was enabled. 100 kilo is lifted by one arm. The manipulation is operated remotely while seeing the image sent from three built-in cameras with the monitor. Height and width are 2.1 meters, 3.8 meters in the total length, and weight is 2.7 tons.

The flatland can walk in the place in Caterpillar with Hashiri and the difference by four legs. In addition, it aims to commercialize it in the future as a robot that works in the place that man like the rescue operation of the disaster scene and work in the nuclear power facility, etc. doesn't put because it is possible to move it by remote control.

This company matched so that the 60th creation anniversary may come last year, spent three years, and developed Robotops. The title combined "Tops" that the dinosaur often had with the robot.



psychiatric care

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【 psychiatric care ]"Aggressiveness advance" is 09/05/09 in the Paxil etc. of four kinds of the care rousing and SNRI.

For the patient who takes "Paxil" etc. of the antidepressant drug four kinds of SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor), the rising symptom is an instruction lingua on the eighth due to the problem of appearing Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare against the manufacturer as for the revision of the package insert.  include the disclaimer of aggressiveness aggressiveness in others as it behaves violently

In the object, four company four products (Paxil, Lboccs, Depromal, and Jeizoroft) are five company in total five products of Toledo Min who looks like the action. The care rousing to the doctor and the patient is done.

In the departmental meeting of the this ministry the drugs' cosmetics and medical instrument and the food safety hygiene council, 35 cases to use violence, and to make others injured are investigated to the family in detail. It was judged that the care rousing was necessary because there were four cases to which dealings with taking were incontrovertible.

SSRI is a medicine that adjusts the concentration of the encephalon internal neurotransmitter serotonin and improves the activity of the nerve.
The side reactions are less than antidepressant drugs conventionally at the time of be called the triheterocyclic, it is widely used for the treatment of depression, and it is thought that one million people or more are using it domestically. (citation former notice assignment article)
Developing by the initiation of the U.S. Air Force laboratory became and the debut experiment of hypersonic aircraft experimental aircraft X-51 "Waverider (Wave Rider)" of the scramjet method that had been advanced became clear this autumn execution.

At present, the debut experiment is scheduled to be executed on October 27 by what Charlie blink (Charlie Brink) propulsion engine development charge manager in this laboratory answered according to the interview of the local paper.

After it is carried to the sky of the high degree 35000 foot by B-52, the experiment is a aerial delivery.
Afterwards, the scramjet that becomes a main propulsion engine after it accelerates to Mach 4.5 by using the thrust of the rocket booster is ignited, and arriving at the speed of Mach 6 is a target in minimum.

X-51 is expected to keep flying for about five minutes in the thrust of the scramjet, and to fall on the Pacific Ocean when the experiment succeeds.

The scramjet technology is established by being repeat the flight experiment of four times in total by 2010 in this laboratory, and it moves to the next step work for practical use.

The plan was breaking off of the flight experiment of the third times executed in November, 2004 in Ada Tona because X-43 had used liquefied hydrogen for the propellant at the end for experimental expense (mechanically complex, high priced) though the experiment that used the experimental aircraft named X-43 for NASA for the scramjet had been repeated.

The workshop modification that aims at practical use the future as the JP-7 jet fuel used as a general aircraft fuel is used for Shite and X-51 in consideration of the practicability for the propellant is added.

The Department of Defense is assuming that it uses the technology of this hypersonic aircraft for the reconnaissance airplane and the attack plane, etc. in the future after the yield of X-51 is judged.
The water surface that was the emerald green up to now rapidly discolors to brown in the crater lake in Shimmoedake (1,421 meters) in the Kirishima range of mountains located in the prefectural boundary in this prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture, and a climbing mountain guests are surprised.

Craters are about 700 meters in the diameter. It is Iu according to the Ministry of the Environment Ebino nature protection government office when the color of the emerald green gradually becomes impure since it erupts in August last year, and it changed into brown with light and shade suddenly in the end of April.

It is assumed, "The person who is climbing the mountain well also says the first time such discoloration" in this office.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry establishes "Business course of Japan" at the university in Thailand and Vietnam etc. in fiscal year 2009.
It lectures on the enterprise culture etc. of Japanese and Japan needed in the business for a local student, and the cognizance degree of Japanese Company is improved. The idea to expand the skirts of a mountain of the talent supply to Japanese Company by enhancing the education.

The business course starts intensively a course by using sabbaticals etc. the university of the two countries and for the student of the talent promotion institution. The Japanese who has the experience of working in a college professor who makes the industry theory a specialty and local Japanese Company lectures.

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The university in Britain developed the racing car that made the chocolate a fuel and ran. When it can run at a speed of 125 miles per hour (201 kilo), the handle is Iu though the carrot and the main body consist of Solanum tuberosum.

Warwick University in Britain develops this "WorldFirst Formula 3" aiming at the racing car that uses the earth-friendly technology. The completion on May 5, and running became possible. The running basis of Formula 3 is filled excluding the point to use the biodiesel engine.

The main body of WorldFirst Formula 3 consists of parts of the vegetable origin. The fuel has been taken out of disposed of chocolate and vegetable oil by the root crop and the sheet such as the carrots using the vegetable oil for the handle for the fiber, the soybean oil form, and the lubricating oil of hemp.

Project manager James Meredith is commenting as follows. 「I think the participation lingua to be glad this project. It is important for our team to make up the illustrative example of a true 'Green' racing car. The WorldFirst project expels the myth that it is necessary to compromise by the performance to manufacture a good car for the environment. 」

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Halfway policy purpose

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The amendment bill of the industry vitality reconstruction passed in the Diet, and it approved this week. The government was maintained and the framework that was the capital contribution (Public money is injected) was maintained to a general enterprise. The government came to be able to large-scale finance the capital contribution to a general enterprise by this through the policy investment bank. However, this policy might have the possibility to be going to turn a blind eye to future trouble more than the lavish entertainment of the additional budget of 15 trillion yen in the future. Liquidation Shite wants to come this time the problem of this policy because the big problem.

- Halfway policy purpose

First of all anxious is halfway the purpose of the policy of government investment to a general enterprise or unclear.

Rising financing from employment more than constant sudden decrease and (2) dimensions of (1) sales and capital and (3) private organization according to press report
(4)The enterprise to which four horn condition of decision of the business plan that improves the enterprise value is cleared seems to become the object of the government investment. (1)The enterprise of ..peel.. Taitei must faced, and in case of ..problem.. (2) because of in a sense (3) natural

At ..significant.. however, might the maintenance of employment. However, large-scale restructuring like the clearance of the reduction in force and the unprofitable operation etc. is inevitable when the large company to which the profit lowers will be really regenerated, and the maintenance of employment is difficult.
On which on earth is the principal object of the promotion of the regeneration of the enterprise that makes keeping and the crisis of the inefficiency enterprise under the dignified name of maintenance of employment a reverse-spring put?

The government seems to plan not to take part in the management of the enterprise the capital contribution ahead according to the press report. A severe plan only of the type face is written if the back is returned and in situ Shino room might be given to the enterprise support ahead though it thinks it to be correct. Who supervision/mortgages whether the enterprise really executes a severe reconstruction project if the government who is the financier doesn't take part in the governance of the enterprise the capital contribution ahead?

It seem to be formal intend of the side where this system was planned ..maintenance of short-term employment.. substantial judging from other various points keeping and problem postponement of the inefficiency large company.

- Redress of "Habitue of crisis"?

Actually, only the name of the enterprise to which inefficiency has been kept without doing after all drastic operative to the candidate and the Matsrigotmatsrigotogin loan customer of the government investment though the crisis and the inefficiency are specified at a past depression is reported.

The enterprise to which the name rises the capital contribution ahead is only an electrical industry. Among these, if the share and the brand power in a global marketplace of the leading business car navigation system are considered, Pioneer is seen for the possibility that a new enterprise value and employment can be invented to exist, and for the rationality to exist in sovereign support.

However, it is not understood well what rationality you exist about Elpeda and Hitachi. In the only DRAM enterprise of the country or the domestic the greatest share with the semiconductor, it might be weak as the reason.
It survives in every case in cordial support of the government (The research and development and the project budget related to IT are functions as the subsidy), and an essential problem solving has been put off though the crisis of the electrical industry and the necessity of the reorganization have been called out for the past ten years or more at the depression. It is likely to be seen only in the repetition this time.

It becomes more awful as for the Matsrigotmatsrigotogin financing. These enterprises are only names to which the operating crisis is told, and the Industrial Revitalization Corporation entering is advertised in the disposal of bad loans of Koizumi administration though have already received the financing by the subordinate position automaker according to the report, and seem to receive the financing of several hundred billion dimensions by JAL in the future. That time is put off the problem, and, after all, sings the same song now.

It is the worst for the repetition of such past "Problem postponement" (powerup version), and the entire Japan this system. The competitiveness of the electrical industry and JAL was not hardened for instance at all if looking back on ten years in the past by the postponement countermeasure with such a government warm-hearted like clearness. If the performance of an individual enterprise in the global marketplace is seen, it is clear.

You bet it is, and because a similar moral hazard has occurred all over the world, the Japanese Government alone cannot be criticized. Still, when the argument over the motor-dom redress of U.S. government is seen for instance, the rigid conditions putting is done to the management team of BIG THREE based on the repulsion of the public opinion.

Cannot Japan reflect the opinion of the marketplace and the public opinion of the selection and the redress contents of the enterprise that bails out it a little more?The enterprise of the jurisdiction industry segments becomes correspondence of not drastically treating even as much as one about Kasumigaseki when coming to leave the bureaucracy. As a result, it only becomes a repetition past of be not hardened the competitiveness of Japan company/industry even if entering the economic recovery phase, and be put the difference further by the enterprise in the world.

- The devilment of Kasumigaseki once.  Momoto

This economic crisis doesn't have "..Momoto.. once" though I want to stress at the end either. Economic measures of the United States and a financial countermeasure of Japan already begin to exert the effect gradually, and the hitting bottom feeling seems to begin to appear in the field level of the industry and the enterprise.

Kasumigaseki and Nagata-cho are to do the devilments and to frighten the intention of the big government, allowing also of the mass media it, and going unmentioned of the moral hazard in the policy judgment in the slogan "Economic crisis in Momoto once" though are entering such a stage economy. The moral hazard doesn't stop in the government investment. There is no leave in the enumeration like a virtual suspension etc. of the become richer after a fire and the policy investment bank privatization of the user agency.

Let's declare with the conviction. At the stage that enters the economic recovery phase worldwide, the restitution of the Japanese economy will be delayed. The restitution will be delayed behind the stock price of Japan in the marketplace in the world. The reason for the foreign investor who wants to buy the share in the country that unabashedly lectures on such an economic policy is that it is few of Make no mistake
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The satellite imaging of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) taken a picture of from about 700 kilo in the sky is analyzed, and the attempt to measure the good element included in the tea-leaf is advanced in Saga Prefecture Ureshino City.
The method is developed by joint research business "Space opening Labo" of Saga University, JA, and JAXA.
The tea-leaf assumed to be "It tastes good" is marketed by the brand of "Blessing of the satellite".

The center of development is an Arai Kangping professor of the Saga University Department of Science and Engineering intelligence information system subject (60).
Red thickened by the point in the tea-leaf where a lot of content of radioactivities of nitrogen existed when the near-infrared ray of 0.75-1 wavelength mu ms that the sensor of the satellite originates was displayed in red on the image of which it took a picture from the sky in the tea garden.

There are a lot of content of radioactivities of the kind theanine of the amino-acid, too, when there are a lot of content of radioactivities of nitrogen.
Additionally, it is Iu when becoming "Vivid tea-leaf" to which good and sweetness are abundant if the dietary fiber is a little.

The Arai professor「If the image is used, the farmer can understand the state of the tea garden with the personal computer of home. The tea manufacture company also chooses the tea-leaf with good quality from the home and it is obtained. 」It solves and the benefit is described.

"Blessing of the satellite" is from nitrogen 6% of the dietary fiber to 18%.
It is about 30 places and Iu that fills this basis among tea gardens of Ureshino City in about 1000 places.
From 4600 yen in one set that consists of 100 gram two bag unit. The inquiry : to Dai type tea manufacture shop of JA.
The net mail order is done by site "JA town" of all agriculture.




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