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The clock of the dumbbell is very discovered at the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro branch though there are various alarm clocks in the world.
Even the place where the electronic sound rings is quite the same as the across-the-board one when becoming set getting up time.
Indescribable stinks from the morning of the trouble and awaking is Shou goods of ~ of evil by which the sound doesn't disappear ..along.. ..the groan...

「How can I get up neatly in the morning?It was thought that the alarm clock with an argument lingua consequence and a pain was made in-house, and reached this merchandise of the two birds with one stone that was able to move at last. 」Mr. Shota of Nishikawa of manufacturing and distributor's Belsos IT divisions.

It puts on the market in May this year, and 5000 initial shipments are the absorption linguas.
It is felt to strangeness that it is long 30 times in the morning though it doesn't lightly become tired of 600 grams in weight and the extent not injured when actually using it.
An easy mechanism that perceives the number by the vibration sensor of a similar pedometer and stops.

Is laughed at to see with the dumbbell physical exercise in the bed. Some effects?
「Battiri cannot sleep twice by awaking. Whether the effect of this merchandise is not understood, and the story that weight decreased is heard. 」
With Mr. Nishikawa.

100 times of the weight-lifting or pretense or ..further powerup of alarm clock, necessity or sleep.. - of strength not effective in this.  do not oversleep


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!



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