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plastic from shell of nut

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【 plastic from shell of nut ]

NEC of the major electric machine manufacturer develops the technology that makes it from the shell etc. of the cashew nut that had been thrown away up to now, and will aim at the introduction into the in-house product of plastic that makes the vegetable a raw material to which use is advanced as one of the measures for controlling global warming in the future.

Up to now, because the raw material that becomes for food like the Zea mays L. etc. is used, the influence of sudden rise of the food price has been feared as one of the measures for controlling global warming as for "Bio plastic" that makes the vegetable a raw material though use is advanced.

In such and NEC developed the technology that manufactured plastic by adding the oil constituent taken from the shell of the cashew nut that had been thrown away up to now to the material contained in straw.

Plastic made from the management by the kipper and this technology is enabled water, to be heat resistant, high strength, too and for the application to be expected as a raw material of the electronic equipment such as personal computers compared with conventional bio plastic.

It is assumed that it aims at the practical use of this technology by fiscal year 2013, and NEC schedules use to the in-house product such as cellular phones to be advanced first of all, and is speaking, "I want to curb costs by being seek further enlightenment in the future, improving it is easy to burn, and advancing the efficiency improvement of manufacturing".

- Peanut source

【Improved bio plastic of the ratio of raw materials of NEC and the vegetable is developed ]

NEC announced that they had developed bio plastic that improved the ratio of raw materials of vegetables on the 25th.
The ratio of the plant compositions is improved to 70% or more, and the usage of the resin and the additive of the crude oil system is suppressed.
It puts it to practical use as a raw material for the electronic equipment such as cellular phones in around fiscal year 2013.

The oil that was called a cardanol extracted from the shell of cellulose and the cashew nut that was the principal ingredient of the grass and the stalk was bonded. The stability securing of the raw material aims at the supply by the low price from saying as possible, and bio plastic that is now because the plant materials other than for food.

Moreover, when strength and heat resistance rise respectively by about the twice compared with bio plastic that makes the starch a raw material, good use with the durable product is expected.

- Peanut source;at=ALL

- Release of NEC(6701)

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JVC Kenwood Holdings overall consolidates the in-vehicle equipment business such as car navigation systems that Victor Company of Japan and Kenwood of the subsidiary handle in the moon. The function of the product planning and business is moved to development and the industrial that both companies jointly invest. Each division reorganizes the group internal business such as in-vehicle equipment and domestic audios and it makes it to efficiency.

The product planning of in-vehicle equipment and the function of business are consolidated in J&K Technologies (JKTE and Tokyo Hachiojishi) that is the co-parent company of both companies. About 170 employees proceed to JKTE from Victor and Kenwood in the moon. The name of the company also changes to "J&K automotive electronics", and all processes from the project of both brand products to sales are handled consistently. The business deficit was post in fiscal year 2008 though in-vehicle equipment was a leading business of JVC Kenwood.

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