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To "Air conditioner of nature" discovery Yamagata and the Niiyama district"Air hole"

The place where the cold spouts from the hole that becomes empty on the slope in the mountain is found in the Niiyama district in Yamagatashi, and it gets into the news.
7-8 degrees, and cold that spouts from hole is low, and "Air conditioner of nature" exactly though hot day when maximum air temperature exceeds 30 degrees continuesIt is Iu of a Yamagata University area training cultural faculty according to Kawabe Takayuki = geology = when thought, "Air hole" in which the chill wind spouts in summer in the declive and Tanima, etc.

The hole is a semicircle of 0.5 meters in height and about 1 meter in width.
It covers on the layer where the big rock assumed lying about deposited (pile up) with a black soil when peering inside.
It always spouts from the inside though there are strong and weak in the wind.

It was an owner in land, and it was sideward of the road where the person in local frequented the field even ahead a little according to Mr. Gennosuke (81) of Tsunekawa who lived nearby the place with the air hole.
It is Mr. Tsunekawa , saying that "It was made to hear that there was a place where the chill wind blew from father from among the spinney".
When the thermometer is put and measured in the vicinity of the exit of the wind, the blowing colds are 7-8 degrees and Iu when constant through one year.

The puzzolana that gushes by the volcanic activity at about 1000 Mannen front becomes according to the professor of Kawabe and stiff tuff Tona becomes a mountain.
A sudden slope that doesn't weather because of the mountain collapses, and "Scree (talus cone)" in which a rugged rock accumulates under the cliff in the semicircle state of Sui is formed under ground. The collected water freezes for winter, it circulates to the niche of the rock of the scree while being cooled air that entered it from the state like "Snow room", and ..not being possible to solve.. niche in the layer of the soil in summer in this cold layer, and it is Iu in case of the spouting mechanism.

The professor of Kawabe is Iu , saying that "It is possible to do only in the place where the stiff rock makes the decay Shite scree" though "The shell is a shell" of Tendoshi is started, and some similar air holes are affirmed inside a prefecture.
Mr. Tsunekawa is speaking with "A lot of people widely learn the existence of the air hole, and relate it to the activation of this region".

Air hole = Yamagatashi Niiyama http://yamagata-np.jp/news/201007/31/img_2010073100385.jpg who spouts cold style of ten degrees or less at http://yamagata-np.jp/news/201007/31/kj_2010073101034.php * image midsummer

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