President Norio Sasaki of Toshiba : in the interview of Reuters on the 16th.
The medium or small sized liquid crystal panel business was described, "There was a possibility that the operating income of hundred million yen for three digits goes out at current year if it went well", and the expectation of expanding was shown in the dimension of 10 billion yen or more.

Four billion yen, and the expectation of the full-year of present is 0 in results in the first six months of the term of current year.

President Sasaki : about the business activity of main force's NAND flash memory.
Knowledge that it was described, "(fiscal year 2010) Seemed to be able to go in fourth quarter than third quarter", and business activity improved further was shown.
On the other hand, "It might take within the year" of the Yokkaichi shop where the NAND memories are produced is a grasp of the influence on the Kotono shipment that stopped operating temporarily due to the accrual lingua electric power supply trouble on the eighth this month.

The head of this company : about the policy of M&A.
It was described, "When the business of the social infrastructure system bought a regional base, the customer base, and the technology, M&A becomes a center".

It was clarified that there was pulling against each other from the automaker of a domestic and foreign multitude about secondary cell "SCiB".
「The automaker thinks about a single making the vender (Procure it from the multitude) but making to multi-vender of the battery (Procure it from a single manufacturer). It is convenient for our company. 」It described. 

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It is reported that manufacturing is consigned to Samsung though Toshiba designs the system LSI.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. is reporting that semiconductor maker Toshiba in the third place in the world consigns manufacturing the system LSI to Samsung Electronics in the second place in semiconductor world, and concentrates resources on the memory chip business.

Manufacturing is Iu when consigning it to Samsung though designs the system LSI by Toshiba in a new system from the coming year.

When Toshiba has continued to improve the function of the system LSI used with the cellular phone, the television, and the car in compliance with demand for the equipment that it is smaller and the electric power efficiency is higher, and to narrow the width of the circuit, this paper is told.

The works construction cost swells up to about 300 billion yen for the installation of high priced.
When the manufacturing facility need not be reinforced by cooperating with Samsung, and the charge can be saved, Toshiba is this paper.

Samsung is Iu when elected from the possession of the advanced technique and production capacity that mass-produces an efficient chip with low cost to the manufacturing consignee.

Nihonkeizai Shinbun is reporting that they rebuild the system LSI business in the leaving no margin by selling off the system LSI shop in Nagasaki to SONY by Toshiba, and make the shop in Oita an image sensor exclusive use.

When Toshiba concentrated on the memory chip, this paper was told, and added keeping the competition with Samsung.
Toshiba has the share of 34.9% in the second place in the world in the NAND type flash memory.
Samsung has the share of 39.3% in the same field.

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JVC Kenwood Holdings overall consolidates the in-vehicle equipment business such as car navigation systems that Victor Company of Japan and Kenwood of the subsidiary handle in the moon. The function of the product planning and business is moved to development and the industrial that both companies jointly invest. Each division reorganizes the group internal business such as in-vehicle equipment and domestic audios and it makes it to efficiency.

The product planning of in-vehicle equipment and the function of business are consolidated in J&K Technologies (JKTE and Tokyo Hachiojishi) that is the co-parent company of both companies. About 170 employees proceed to JKTE from Victor and Kenwood in the moon. The name of the company also changes to "J&K automotive electronics", and all processes from the project of both brand products to sales are handled consistently. The business deficit was post in fiscal year 2008 though in-vehicle equipment was a leading business of JVC Kenwood.

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