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It was announced that the development of the JX day had rights and interests through the subsidiary on the fifth and had discovered the natural gas and the condensate in the mine lot in the prospected Vietnamese coast bottom of the sea.
The exploration and the assessment exercise to affirm commercial presence will be advanced in the future.

New Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. coulomb oil development to which the capital contribution of petroleum natural gas and metallic mineral resources mechanism (JOGMEC) has been received in the subsidiary of JX has the rights and interests 40% of the mine lot, and the joint venture in Russia has the remainder with Vietnamese government-run Petorobetonam and this company.
It is about 40 meters per 120 kilo of a Vietnamese southern part in the Vung Tau City offing in depth that the mine lot is.


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Star Seiki Co., Ltd. (aichi prefecture Oguchicho) starts the taking out robot business for a large-scale molding machine for the young country such as China in January, 2011 in cooperation with a Ningbo sea heaven group share limited company of the world's largest injection molding machine manufacturer (Ningbo City in China).

Star Seiki Co., Ltd. sells it, and the sea heaven produces and sells the licensing Shite joint development lingua robot.
Star Seiki Co., Ltd. supplies parts.
As for taking out robot maker and cooperation of labor, the sea heaven is the first time.
Star Seiki Co., Ltd. makes cooperation with the sea heaven the foothold of the young country business.

The joint development lingua taking out robot is "Haimaticc - the star series. "
It plans to produce 100―150 during year there are a correspondence type of the power 850―1600 tons and 1600―3000-ton correspondence types ..the clamping...
The sea heaven sells it together with its own molding machine.
The sea son of heaven company that handles the servo motor etc. produces.

The source
Http://www.nikkan.co.jp/news/nkx0120101217aaaa.html Star Seiki Co., Ltd. http://www.stertec.co.jp/~star/index.html

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The Sanwa high technology (Kumamoto prefecture Kikuchishi, president Kazutaka Yamashita, and 0968・38・7722) puts indoor type electric khat "STAVi (stubbies)" on the market in the summer of 2011.

It extends over the seat, weight is put on the breastplate and the knee patch, and it gets on by the standing vorlage.
It sits, and Yasui ..the movement from the bed and the wheel chair...  it is possible to do without help of the caregiver of operation gotten off

The seat can be raised from ground up to 700mm by the the greatest. The full speed is 4.5km per hour. 1200mm in height and 800mm in width ×1250mm in length ×95kg.
The price schedules about 500,000 yen.

Http://www.nikkan.co.jp/saisai/101222.html * official site http://f-cite.com/ * image http://f-cite.   com/css/images/img1.jpg http://f-cite.com/css/images/img2_big.jpg http://f-cite.com/css/images/img4_big.jpg

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the first production model of small jet plane "Honda jet" of getting on of 7-8 people.. issue machine announced to the debut in Komeno Scaroraina state on the 22nd Honda that it succeeded.
It flew to U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for about 50 minutes by the part of the examination to obtain the recognition of the airframe.

The success in the debut was received, and the Fujino road case president of Honda and the aircraft company (headquarters and United States) that bore the aircraft business of Honda commented, "It was able to affirm by very the performance and the flight characteristic excellent, and to do the verification of the height of technology".

Honda establishes the aircraft company in 2006.
The airframe plant of the under construction in this state aims at the start of mass production for 12 years the schedule of the completion in 11 first halfs of year.

When the order of 100 planes or more has already been received around, it is Iu for the business.

The source
Production model small airplane of Honda that succeeds in http://www.sankeibiz.jp/business/news/101222/bsc1012221211009-n1.htm debut
http://www.sankeibiz.jp/images/news/101222/bsc1012221211009-p1.jpg http://www.sankeibiz.jp/images/news/101222/bsc1012221211009-p2.jpg http://www.sankeibiz.  It succeeds in the debut for 22 daily yield model recognition purchase of December, of jp/images/news/101222/bsc1012221211009-p3.jpg Honda http://www.honda.co.jp/ 2010 in partus type HondaJet the United States http://www.honda.co.jp/news/2010/c101222.html?. From=rss stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=7267

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There is not being possible to resume even if the operation of the Toshiba Yokkaichi shop (Mie Prefecture Yokkaichishi) and the Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. Yokkaichi oil refinery (same as above) becomes the ninth because of the influence to which the voltage of the Chubu Electric Power jurisdiction momentarily decreased early morning of the eighth.
The Toshiba Yokkaichi shop might influence the production of a variety of electric products in a leading base of the semiconductor production.
It is clarified to the influence large demand ahead that it goes up to 146, and the Yokkaichi industrial zone dysfunctioned in total at 1:00PM of the ninth of Chubuden.

The decrease at the moment of the voltage is an accrual lingua in about 5:20AM of the eighth.
Half the voltage fell by the the greatest for about 0.07 seconds at the level in the region from the Mie Prefecture northern part to the aichi prefecture west and the Gifu Prefecture west.
The trouble of the transformation equipment of the Yokkaichi thermal power plant is a cause and Iu according to Chubuden.

Semiconductors produced in the Toshiba Yokkaichi shop are called, "Flash memory", and an indispensable parts for the cellular phone and the digital camera, etc.
The air conditioning equipment of clean room stops, and a part of production line is a suspension according to Toshiba.
The indoor cleaning operation etc. are sped up, and it aims at the restoration on the tenth. It is Iu when there is a possibility that the shipment drops by the the greatest by about 20 percent next January-February.

The prospect of restoration doesn't look up from the Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. Yokkaichi oil refinery still at 10:00AM of the ninth.
This company does the raw material supply to a peripheral shop, and when plant outages are prolonged, has the possibility that the influence goes out to the production of shops in the surrounding according to the Yokkaichishi industrial promotion section.

The nearby Mitsubishi Chemical Yokkaichi business establishment (same as above) was restored on the morning of the ninth though went out to the entire manufacturing facility of 2-30 percent the influence.
A part of plant is a suspension in the Yokkaichi business establishment of Toso Co., Ltd.. The influence went out to the production of polyethylene though it restored by the end of the eighth.

The influence has gone out to automobile industry.
The data of the robot that used it disappeared by the painting process etc. , and a part of beginning of operation in the production line from 6:25AM of the eighth was delayed about one hour the Toyota Auto Body shop of the mini-van of Toyota Motor (Mie Prefecture city) where acceptance of order was produced. The Suzuka factory of Honda (this prefecture Suzukashi) also stopped parts of machineries of parts temporarily.
It is restoring it now.

The source

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It was clarified that "Toshiba" of the major electric machine manufacturer withdrew from an efficient semiconductor production for the game machine that did not expand demand like assumption, and advanced the negotiation in the direction where the production facility of Nagasaki Prefecture that had it now was sold off to "SONY".

Toshiba is producing efficient semiconductors in the shop in Nagasaki Prefecture Isahaya City for family-use game machines "PlayStation 3".
SONY was temporarily originally called "Dream semiconductor" from Toshiba, IBM, and the production intelligence ability high in the joint development lingua one, and Toshiba had bought out the production facility from SONY to this semiconductor for about 90 billion yen the year before last.

However, by the affiliate with the kipper
Toshiba is that this semiconductor decides the policy of withdrawing from the production of these semiconductors, and advances the negotiation in the direction where the production facility is sold off to SONY as use to consumer electronicses etc. other than the game machine assumed it because it did not expand.

On the other hand, SONY : this production facility with the buyback Tau food.
The outlook that switches to the production of semiconductors for a digital camera and a smart phone of the high resolution picture to which demand has rapidly expanded, will appropriate to the reinforcement of the production in the country, and both reach agreement in the vicinity.


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SONY Piccharzentatamment understands and the start calositas of notice assignment of the movie software in developing "Itunz store" the Apple Computer USA is Japan has understood the 17th.

It seemed to have become the inside where "IPad (Polygonum tinctorium Lour. pad)" and smart phone "IPhone (Iforn)" spread rapidly and existence that was not able to be disregarded though Apple was a rival who competed with the cellular phone terminal and the portable music player for SONY of the parent company.

SONY is a start in April for the personal computer equipped with basic soft (OS) "Windows" of Micro Soft of U.S. as for notice assignment of the movie. The service enjoys with a cellular phone and a portable game machine of SONY, and the not available in the terminal of Apple.
Notice assignment has already been done to the Itunz store in Europe and America.

Apple started movie notice assignment through the Itunz store in November in Japan. It is "Salt" of the Anjerena Jolly starring and "Michael Jackson THIS IS IT. ", etc. that SONY delivers.

There is no notice assignment lameness for the terminal of Apple about the music software in Japan excluding part.

The source
- SONY Http://www.sony.co.jp/
Stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6758
- iTunes http://www.apple.com/jp/itunes/whats-on/

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It has been understood that SONY is developing a new information terminal to fuse the function of the portable game machine and the cellular phone.
The direction of game machine "PlayStation portable (PSP)" where the function of the telephone call etc. is installed in the bedsill.
"Fusion machine" by the major game machine manufacturer is the first time. There is an aim that improves the share in the game machine marketplace unable to move upward.
There is a possibility to be put on the market starting with Europe and America next spring.

The game machine assumed to be a base is small model "PSPgo (go). " of the power system planning program series put on the market last November.
It hooks up to the Internet from a usual power system planning program by the wireless LAN in the round small type, game software is downloaded, and it plays. The equipment that can enjoy the movie, music, and the cartoon through the net notice assignment service of SONY.

The telephone call function etc. are added to this, and the new model can be used as a smart phone.
It is thought made of "SONY Ericsson" of the cellular phone manufacturer of the SONY group.
As for basic software, "Android" made of U.S. Gugl that a lot of portable terminal manufacturers adopt recently is powerful.
There is a possibility to be put on the market in Japan, too.

The manipulation Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. such as the top and bottom and the right and left appear when PSPgo moves the screen of the sliding.
The new model has features different from a smart phone of the old model in the height of the performance to be able to do the game in which making is absorbed and respect of the operationality.

The marketplace of the game machine is unable to move upward including NINTENDO DS and the machine of leaving untouched of the portable.
SONY plans to improve a sense of existence by the new model.

The Apple Computer USA keeps leaving others far behind by the hit of "iPad" of smart phone "iPhone" and the tablet type in the marketplace of the information terminal. However, the equipment with features similar as for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in South Korea etc. is turned on one after another recently, and it is competitive in inside and outside the country.

The source
Photograph: Game machine of SONY "PSP go".  Http://www.sony.co.jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?nik_code=00001213

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LG Electronics bringing a case of SONY by smart phone infringement of patent right

SONY's assuming that South Korea LG Electronics is violating the patent related to a high performance cellular phone (smart phone), and having brought a case to U.S. International Trade Commision (ITC) have understood the 29th. The U.S. media such as Reuter reported.

It is insisted that plural patent technologies of SONY like the function that originator's photograph etc. are displayed in other party's cellular phone terminal etc. be violated according to the appeal. SONY assumed that LG violated the trade rule of the United States, and requested the import prohibition to the United States of a smart phone made of LG.

Moreover, U.S. District Court in U.S. California state also caused a similar appeal.


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U.S. Sony announced video camera corresponding to 3D moving image taking a picture "Handycam" "bloggie" and Handycam with built-in the projector on January 6 by "2011 International CES" opened in U.S. Las Vegas. After February, it puts it on the market sequentially in the United States. The sale in Japan is undecided.

"Handycam HDR-TD10" can install a lens, an image sensor, and two first image processing engines in the world, and take a picture of each image for the right eye and the left eye by a full hi-vision (1920×1080 pixels).
The dorsal surface was equipped with 3D touch panel display of unnecessary glasses.

To mobile video camera "bloggie" that can easily up-load the moving image to YouTube and SNS, etc.
Model "Bloggie 3D" corresponding to 3D taking a picture. The lens, the image sensor, and two image processing engines are installed.

"Handycam" that builds the projector into for the first time in the world is a lineup lingua, too.

PC corresponding to digital camera comprising the photograph function of "BRAVIA" new model and 3D still picture for 3D"Cyber schott" and 3D"VAIO F series" etc. are announced.


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SONY passes Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and LG Electronics in South Korea, and the possibility of winning the share head position during the first time has come out in the thin-screen TV marketplace in India that grows up rapidly this year.
U.S. research company Disprasarti clarified it.

SONY is ..23.0%.. top, and it continues with LG22.3% and 22.0% in Samsun when 1-seeing in total in September.
SONY is said, "The penetration of the brand and the strengthening of the sales network were advanced by about 3-5 years, and, at last, the yield began to appear", and it thinks the torii Yuichi analyst of Disprasarti to be "There is a possibility of coming to share it during the period of 10 - December and year the top by SONY".

South Korea 2 company has a keen competition around the tube television, and the thin-screen TV has advanced the marketing by a low-priced model in India.
On the other hand, when the enlargement lingua succeeded, last few years are Iu according to Mr. Motoi of the insula having of charge of announcing to public as for sales to the interlayer though have developed mainly high performance and the high-priced cingulum model large-scale conventionally aiming at a comparatively rich tier by SONY.

The growth rate of the thin-screen TV of India that grows up by the twice twice pace is the highest in the world according to Mr. torii, and it is thought, "Become a big market thirdly in the world where India will follow China and the United States from next year in a single country" this year though the television numbers of sales of Japan expanded exceptionally because of "Eco-point" system.

- Triple struggle
As for the share of the thin-screen TV that matched the liquid crystal to the plasma, SONY sprang up to 27.1% and head positions for the first time for the period of 4 - June when Disprasartiing and depending. 2nd place is 23% of Samsun, and 3rd place is 21% in LG.
LG recaptured 22.7% and the tops, and the period of 7 - September was 21% in Samsun, and 20.8% of SONY.
Mr. torii is analyzing, "There is little difference in the share of three companies, and the close game of the triple struggle is developed".
SONY is really a start in Indian market in 2005 as for sales of the LCD TV. The sales network expanded for five years, and the enlargement and the person in charge of business adjusted the base from 14 to 19 to 280 of about 80 percent extra. The thin-screen TV numbers of sales in India of ten fiscal years plans the preceding fiscal year proportion twice or more. Advertising and general publicity expenses doubled the proportion centering on television CM last year, and it made efforts to the brand power improvement further this year.

 The infusion of B X-series of 22-32 types and about 32,000-65,000 yen ..more than 40 types.. for the interlayer of 4000 annual income Dreux 10,000 dollar (about 330,000-840,000 yen) level this year though the product of the price 200,000 yen or more was mainly developed.

In addition, N X-series like the model etc. of about 80,000 yen per 32 type are deployments. Popular, simple black design concept "Monolithic" was taken in developed countries. The price cutting was achieved by making the back light for which the LED (light emitting diode) was used a fluorescent tube in the high-class type, too.
- Interlayer
The number of households in India is about 200 million 2 thousand according to Disprasarti. The tier of the annual income 180,000 yen and -two million yen goes up sooner or later so that half the number is near. The economic growth rate at ten fiscal years by an Indian government authorities is outlooks of 9.1%. It hiked it at first from the expected 8.25-8.75% against the background of the rise of the purchasing power in the agricultural area in February.

The television marketplace of ten years is 15.32 million of the proportion 11% increase of the previous year, and the thin-screen TV accounts for 22%, and is an enlargement among these in twice or less at the previous year.
The demand for the entire television predicts 11 years with 16.52 million that it expands by 7.8%, and the ratio of thin-screen TVs rises to 40% Tosa et al. because of the purchase substitution from the cathode-ray tube etc. , too. The thin-screen TV marketplace in India is an outlook that expands from last year to next year at the pace of doubling.

Panasonic of the plasma television biggest business in the world also is speeding up the young country exploitation. The period of September seven-from 6.7% ..11%.. has expanded the share of 4-thin-screen TV in India of the period of June. Because the half of the top line is occupied for this company in Japan that cannot expect big growth in the future, the strengthening of the young country marketplace in India etc. is top priority.

- Japanese power is Samsun struggled to repulse.
As for the group top line in India including the white color home electric appliance besides the television, it is scheduled to hike to 60 billion yen per ten fiscal year from about 40 billion yen in fiscal year 2009 and to hike it to 100 billion yen at 11 fiscal years according to Akira Monden in charge of the this company announcing to public.

President Fumio Otsubo of this company : in the interview on the tenth.
The volition was shown , saying that clarification and "Samsun, LG, and Mucai want to fight" , saying that "If the operation in India went well, become bridge head Tamotsu when developing with the Nakachika east and north Africa, etc. active of the Indian sooner or later".

Toshiba is an enlargement in Indian market from December as for sales of the LCD TV. Ten models like the young country model etc. that are called "Power television" equipped with the battery to correspond to a weak region and the power failure of the hertzian wave are turned on sequentially. It is thought that the dealer is increased from about 1000 present stores to 11 end of the fiscal year to 4000 stores, and the share is extended up to 10% from 1% or less at 13 fiscal years.

Samsun struggled to repulse doesn't fold the hand either. James Chang in charge of the Samsun announcing to public described, "The young country marketplace such as India and South America is further important now though it had concentrated on the Europe and America marketplace up to now". In the young country marketplace on that「There is will being not to take a low-priced strategy. To set up the production base in the locale, and to develop a high-level marketplace, the diversification of the product is attempted. 」It describes. 

-There is no more to it (than that)-
SONY Http://www.sony.co.jp/
Stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6758

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President Fumio Otsubo of Panasonic is Reuters on the tenth.
It gave an interview, and the outlook of getting rid of the deficit for the period of 2011.1. - 2011.3. was shown about a continuing thin-screen TV business in red ink.
As for making to the surplus in the latter six months of the term of fiscal year 2010, it is Iu in case of the year-end sales battle situation.

The thin-screen TV business is a business deficit 3 years in a row this term. Making at 11 fiscal years to the surplus was assumed to be "Attain it without fail".
The depletion of the thin-screen TV equipment this term is Iu , saying that "Do not think for the present".

About year-end sales battle of the America and Europe marketplace「The strong recovery Hanai way in the place in which it hears it by the preliminary report. This is a range of assumption. Be the same as last year or a little in Yoi」It made it. 
3D television though it was assumed, "The marketplace will expand in the coming year"「I think that there is falling in price of two digits or more. Merchandise is developed on the assumption of it. 」With Iu.
About the online of the United States game business
「There is power in the United States. It promotes it as a local new operation. 」It spoke. 

The synergy effect of 60 billion yen is expected with the operating income base in Sanyo Electric and the Panasonic electrical engineering's integrating with the tela by the new system in January, 2012 at 12 fiscal years.
President..in relation to..fiscal year..structural reform..charge..to some degree..dimension..go out..outlook..show.
About the juridical personality of Sanyo Electric in relation to the tela integration「It takes the period to integrate.
(At first,)It is not easy to advance in not residue but the business reorganization. 」It described. 

The source
Http://jp.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idJPJAPAN-18571820101210 Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752

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The doctor applied patient's genetic evidence in situ to Panasonic and the prospect was applied to the establishment of the technology by finishing diagnostic full automation. The gene diagnosis is indispensable for an appropriate anticancer agent administering etc.This time, a micro high pressure pump and a highly accurate filter that became an important technology of making to one chip were developed. Future..micro..sample..gene..amplifier..complete..several..liter..one-millionth..little..become..blood..with..business card..half..small..chip..snip..term..see..inspection..achieve.

Yield by a joint research with IMEC of institution in Belgium. The inspection to which it takes several days comes to end in an hour or two. It leads to the spread of "Tailor-made treatment" that chooses the method of treatment such as the medicine formulations matched to patient's diathesis in the clinical setting.

A current SNP inspection is necessary an equipment of the nominal size of pump of the desktop personal computer and detailed manual operation, and leaves the the least to the acceptance of order service provider. Therefore, it took several days to the inspection completion, and not being possible to correspond to urgent treatment were the difficulties.

The SNP inspection first decomposes the blood corpuscle, extracts the DNA, and increases the number of the DNAs with PCR. Afterwards, only the necessary expert Shite one is assorted, and the DNA is judged to Rui molecular level Nofu with the SNP sensor.

This time, the polymer pump that sends off the sample is developed. The filter that was able to take out the DNA of which number increased by the difference at the flowing time according to the nominal size of pump was achieved through the niche of the silicon column that grew also in the brush state minutely controlled, too. The plutonium separation of a necessary DNA can be done for the SNP inspection of the anticancer agent in five seconds. A minimum SNP sensor has already established the specific technology.

The pump used the character for conducting polymer to incorporate the ion and to swell. To make thin film that places the electrolyte in conducting polymer, and to swell with the direction of the thickness, it devises it. 5―7 accumulating it, and the pump to which the sample was able to be extruded by the power for 30 atmospheric pressures was developed by the nominal size of pump of eight millimeter diameter and low voltage of 1.5 volts.

Filters are 20 mu ms in height and the thickness is shape where the silicon column into which the part doesn't change by one mu m queues up thickly ordered in one mu m spacing.
The plutonium separation can be done to type breakdown by the difference of the nominal size of pump while the niche's passing when the DNA is thrown from the aspect. When it is possible to decide by length, and to assort it every 50 bases, the modality is Iu.

Small PCR is achieved, and the application such as the allergias to the testing unit will be advanced besides the achievement of the chip that inspects the gene on the medical treatment site is sped up in the future. The genetic screening is expected that the marketplace grows up rapidly in the latter half of the 2010's. The trial with 150 billion yen has gone out of the tailor-made treatment marketplace in the world of 2017.

The detail is announced with IEDM2010 holding it in Sun US Francisco a local time the eighth.

【 term ]How of four horn molecule that composes the DNA with SNP (monobasic polymorphism)= genetic code for the row
Differ depending on the person. A human chromosome has the base pair of about three billion. The difference is one per 1000 base though the array is different in each individual. Whether it is effective morbus to which it might take strength in sake when SNP that is the difference is detected, and the future and a certain agent or terrible the side reaction, etc. can be judged.


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Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, etc. establish Technical Research Association "Basis authentication innovation Technical Research Association (tentative name)" in January, 2011.
Japan company makes the system to advance the international standardization of the technology jointly.

The enrollment bank function of the talent involved in the standard activity such as the enterprise retirees is provided for the union besides working by cooperating in making to the technical standard in international organization for standardization (ISO) etc.
It asks enterprises of various category of business for participation besides the electric machine, and the first "All Japan" system in Japan in the international standardization activity is built.

Expectation that Panasonic is made lead manager, and Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, SONY, and Industrial general Laboratory join Technical Research Association. After 11 Hikuma January, '11, the establishment recording is done.
The attendee of each company combines zones of management that bundle the business strategy with the practitioner of the Director-General class and is a composition.
The activity can be incorporated to the management matter of each company like the business strategy etc. arranging the combat echelon of the international standardization activity.

The source

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Japan said that women's participation in society will have advanced. However, woman's Director-General equivalent employment at the time of of October, 2009 is only 3.1% according to "Employment even basis study of 2009 fiscal years" of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. As for the section chief equivalent employment, 5.0% and the chief clerk equivalent employments have still remained in the low level at 11.1% and the executive job levels.

Then, how about the female manager appointment situation of 1132 companies of 2011'Compendium of the CSR enterprise' edition publishing?
The focus is applied to Director-General who is the representative of the division, and I introduce rankings of the number of women in which it serves as this official position from among the executive job this time. The Director-General employment is a centerpiece of the middle management of the enterprise, and it is a director candidate when the future. The woman is regarded by this official position for a lot of enterprises that are to be advancing the female use positively.

I will see the ranking. 1st place was Fujitsu by 72 people. The ratio that occupies it to the entire Director-General employment is 2.2%.
The woman becomes a total calculation of one person sooner or later if there are 50 Directors-General.

Hereafter, 2nd place is Douhirits 1.4%, and 2 future ..Hitachi (.. companies every 56 people (Panasonic (5.2%))). It continues with 51 4th place Toshiba people (1.9%) and 36 5th place Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. people (4.7%).

There are both of 30 ranking epistatic companies of the ten person or more numbers of people. However, the enterprise that exceeds 10% in the ratio : only by three companies (10th place Nichii Gakkan (38.8%), 12th place Benesse Holdings (25.0%), and 27th place Credit Saison ( 18.0%)). It is clear that female Director-General is small number of people overall.

However, the feminine staff is originally little in the large company. Only the figure of the ratio of women is not simply seen and it is Valence important in the each floor layer such as all workers, executive jobs, and directors to judge whether to often advance appointment overall.

Female manager's (The Director-General employment is included) data was published in the ranking as reference data for that. The definition of the executive job here must be at the equivalent position even without the subordinate it has the subordinate. Generally, the chief clerk, the section chief, and Director-General, etc. fall under it. For instance, if the ratio of the executive job and the Director-General employment is compared and it is almost the same, the woman who has ability is good at the perception with high possibility that is the enterprise appointed by a similar man even by the Director-General employment.

I introduce some in the case.

The ratio of female managers of 2nd place Panasonic has little difference with the Director-General employment ratio 5.2% every 5.8%. This company hangs to the target of the ratio of female managers out "The female leader in the each floor layer is doubled by the proportion for 07 years". The system that an excellent woman like 2-3 work a week and a telecommuting systems, etc. for the child care and nursing keeps working long is straightened. The Director-General employment ratio of such a consequence and the woman improves steadily with 5.2% in 4.6% and ten years of 3.8% and 09 years of 08 years.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 5th place is Director-General employment 4.7% and big difference Hanai against the executive job 5.4%. The female use is promoted by "Diversity promotion project" that started in August, '06. The system side of the child care working system etc. that the child can use for the junior high school preschool is enhanced, too and a high female Director-General employment ratio is attained.

The enterprise that the Director-General employment ratio falls below greatly compared with the executive job ratio contrary to two above-mentioned companies has the possibility that a severe hurdle more than the man waits when promoted woman's Director-General. "Ceiling of the glass" that there is a wall to the promotion not seen by becoming of the woman higher management might exist.


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Sales of 3D(solid) plasma display of 152 world's largest types of order production of Panasonic are good.
After the start of the order in July last year, 31 agreements have already been approved inside and outside the country though super-big ticket goods of 50 million yen each.
In addition, when 300 inquiries or more have come all over the world, it is Iu.

It produces in the shop in Hyogo Prefecture Amagasakishi, and the screen is 3.4 meters in width, and 1.8 meters in length.
The person can be projected by the life-size by worth of 50 type9 televisions a nominal size of pump.
When 3D image is seen with the exclusive use glasses, it is also possible to feel the power of the sports car that shoots out almost by the full-scale.

It is an enterprise in the country used for the millionaire and the conference room and the showroom the Nakachika east, Europe and America, and Asia that bought etc.
It will aim at 100 sales or more within current year in 50 and the coming year.

When the tuner is separately necessary for the reception of the television broadcasting, and for the carrying-in expense and the dealings machine parts are included for the display unit, it might cost about 100 million yen.
Big ticket goods with a high value added are scheduled to attempt the differentiation with the aggressive deployment Shite competitor though Panasonic is making efforts to the enrichment of the low end product for the young country marketplace, too.

The source
Http://www.asahi.com/business/update/0105/OSK201101050001.html Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752

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Panasonic : through the expansion of the provided application.
It will aim at the service strengthening of the television for the Internet from this spring. It is an aim to rebut the rival power such as SONY and U.S. Gugl to which the camp is united on the television for the net.

Moreover, Panasonic clarified a series of tablet equipment in under development. When the sale within the year is scheduled, it is Iu.

As for the television service for the net of this cloud base that is called "Viyella connection", the possibility to be put on the market starting with the United States in the first ten days, 2011 is high according to the announced release.

It is assumed that it works on Tata Erecshe etc. and application development, and the policy of opening the middleware technology of the Viyella connection to the public to other televisions and the set-top box manufacturers, etc. of this company.

Moreover, this company showed the perception that the television for the net accounted for 70% fiscal year 2012 of this company (March, year of ─13 in April, '12) of the world television sales.

The source
Http://jp.reuters.com/article/topNews/idJPJAPAN-18897820110106 Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752

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Kanagawa Prefecture Fujisawashi and Panasonic are the basic agreement linguas a smart town in which it aims at carbon dioxide emission 0 is constructed on the old factory site of same city internal old Matsushita Electric Industrial on November 17. The business name is "FUJISAWA suspension bull smart Tina town. "

Premises are in Tsujido Motomachi located in the Fujisawashi southwest. After old Matsushita Electric Industrial had set up the shop in 1963, the manufacturing base of three group companies. The shop withdrew in 09, and land lot without construction. The lot area is 190,000m2. Detached house about 750 households and 300 households in the middle and upper atmosphere multiple dwelling house are constructed here. It is discussed to build the commercial facility, welfare, the medical treatment associated facility, and educational facilities, etc. besides the house. As for the residential population, it is scheduled to become the town of 3000 person dimension.

As a rule, it provides with the equipment such as photovoltaic power generations and fuel cells in plants and buildings premises all internal. It works also on "Ene" that saves "Wound Ene" that creates the energy used in not only the energy saving but also plants and buildings at home and the created energy. An electric usage in the dwelling unit and facilities is made to be able even to control energy after may HEMS (home energy management system) of turning.


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The crustal alteration has occurred in the domestic market where two or more of TOTO and INAX of an earthen manufacturer had grasped 60 percent and 30 percent respectively up to now though the pottery floats first on the head as for the toilet.
In the tank loess rest room marketplace of the inside that the entire marketplace narrow from the population decrease and the residential construction decrease and feed water tank and the toilet all-in-one design that grows up only, the Panasonic electrical engineering is breakthroughs. The share 30% is won by industry's first rest room made of resin "Arauno". It was equal to INAX(30%), and put "King in the toilet" TOTO(40%) in the range.

As for Arauno of the Pana electrical engineering, the toilet of an upper wash toilet and inferior part of the vestibular ganglion is on earth built with an organic glass system resin that corroborates the rigiditas. The dimensional accuracy is high because the resin is not attached the fur (sober the circle) compared with earthenware, and stamps by the metal mold as well as the house electric appliance etc. , and being able hardly to do the toilet seat and the niche of the toilet is features.
The dimensional accuracy is low because earthenware is hardened the soil, and shrinks by about 5% by the process of baking it in the high temperature, dirt collects in the niche between the toilet seat and the toilet, and there is an Yasui flaw.
It is applied without difficulty if made of the resin though the injection entrance of the detergent to wash the toilet cannot be calcined in the pottery toilet.

The Pana electrical engineering poured the liquid detergent for the commercially available kitchen in the swirl internally in the toilet by applying the generation technique of the minute bubble of 50-60 microns in the diameter developed in the bathtub of this company, and introduced the mechanism that washed the toilet automatically for the first time.

It evolved further and the Pana electrical engineering achieved a technological innovation after a long time , saying that "The toilet is washed in the automatic operation" though "Hips wanted you to wash" was CM of wash toilet "Washlet" that put on the market by TOTO 30 years ago and took the world by storm copy.
"Raku housecleaning Raku" function of brush unnecessary cleaning caught user's heart for 2-3 months.
After it had put it on the market of 2006 years, the order poured in only to one of three landlord things that the housewife felt painful as well as the ventilator and the kitchen as for the rest room cleaning.

As a result, it zooms taking the opportunity of the Arauno sale in December, '06, and "29%, it advanced rapidly in 28% and 09 years of 20% and 08 years in 07, and it reached 30% in ten. " though the share of the Pana electrical engineering had languished to 7% or less for 05 years in the tank loess rest room marketplace where about 1/3 of the rest room marketplaces was occupied. (house equipment industry segments affiliate)

The countermeasure of TOTO and INAX : please. The usage of the water poured after the rest room is used is appealed, and the conventional water saving function suppressed from 13 to 4.8 liters as for TOTO, and 5 liters as for INAX to drastic once is typed out to the vesical surface, and the saving and the environmental protection of the water service fee are appealed.

The clarification member in the showroom of "Too impact Hanai" and TOTO and INAX tells it whether this becomes user's buying motive though the use of water is less than 5.7 liters of Arauno.
Feelings where it wants to escape from the pain of the rest room cleaning than to save water a little are stronger, and it is not more suitable for Arauno "You may not do the rest room cleaning for 2-3 months".

Why do not four years rebut Tatsu from the Arauno sale made of the resin?There is a historical backdrop there.
It has developed originally as an earthen special manufacturer as shown by the Orient earthenware and Ina Seito of both companies and an old name of the company.
Clay is formed while having the shrinkage error margin after it is calcined as a large-scale reactor of the mixture of a native mineral primary material such as special clay (kaolin) and quartz, spending 1100-1300℃ and the first whole by a fabrication high lingua, and calcination in mind, and the earthenware production shop where the operative of the baked workman art works is held in its company. The toilet is a most influential commodity of the earthenware production shop, and it is connected with the restructuring of the shop to switch this made of the resin.
Therefore, even if goodness and the strong point of the resin are understood, it is not possible to shift at a moment's notice. "It is not thrown away to throwing away" dilemma of earthenware.

The progress of the Pana electrical engineering was a gambling at the last moment. It is criticized severely, "Matsushita's rest room doesn't flow" etc. , doesn't bark, and it doesn't fly though it enters the rest room marketplace that is the stronghold of two pottery industry or more of TOTO and INAX in 88.
Though the earthenware production company that buys out it is sold off, and the withdrawal was rumored「Let's try with the resin. Still, if it is not good, it abandons it. 」It went out to the match deciding it.
The resin is my ring where the manufacturer of electric appliances accumulates know-how unlike earthenware. It brought in there, and user's potential needs were dug up by the material innovation that took rival's weakness in the inverted hand.
Common sense "Only the earthenware of the toilet was impossible" was overturned, and the seat of two or more was threatened. Clear weather of the heaven.

Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html rest room http://sumai.panasonic.jp/toilet/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752


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Panasonic understood and it was understood to put the LCD TV for tridimensionality (3D) in which the attention of three dimensional vision was able to be done in Japan-U.S.-Euro on the market this spring.
The spread of the infusion and 3D television ..liquid crystal type of 30 type stand that is the well selling.. is activated though merchandise for 3D was developed with a current plasma television, plasma-panel television of the big screen.

It is expected that the screen size of 3D LCD TV newly put on the market expects 32 types and 37 types, and the price will rise for tens of thousands of yen compared with a usual television. The exclusive use glasses are put up.

The unit price might be high, and it doesn't come up to 10 percent of the entire thin-screen TV though 3D television is paid attention. Therefore, it sets up at home and it is an aim to activate infusion Shite 3 D field and to grasp initiativeness of the marketplace as for the Yasui size LCD TV.

The source
Http://www.sankeibiz.jp/business/news/110104/bsb1101040823001-n1.htm Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752

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Panasonic announced that they had developed terminal corresponding to the cloud service "VIERA tablet" on the sixth.
It commercializes by the end of 2011, and the notice assignment service business of the image and the digital book is done.
When being holding it in United States Las Vegas, the experimental model is 2011 It is exhibited to International CES.

The VIERA tablet installs Android in OS, and is a terminal of the tablet type to which the manipulation is done with the touch panel.
The experimental model installs the liquid crystal display of the 4 type, seven types, and ten types, and mounts visibility and operationality (GUI) matched to service and contents. Communication feature is Wi-Fi.

In the concept exhibition in CES, internet services for digital TV that announces simulataneous.
The implementation of "Visual remote control" that makes sports contents notice assignment and the VIERA tablet by "VIERA Connect" the remote control of TV, the multiangle attention of the sports image, the SNS interlocking in the image attention, the attention contents, and the interlocking lingua merchandise sales.
It proposes a new attention style as a small screen where the one related to the image of TV is displayed.

Notice assignment, the game of the movie, music, and the digital book, the newspaper, and the magazine, SNS, and the E-commerce, etc. have been enumerated as a service case with the under discussion.

The start of VIERA Connect in internet services for digital TV of the cloud type from spring.
It corresponds to more applications by the one that conventional "VIERA CAST" was evolved more.

The middleware technology of VIERA Connect is globalized to the other companies (appliance maker and semiconductor maker), and it aims at the enlargement of the application and service. "Smart VIERA" of the sale schedule corresponds in the United States since spring.
When GUI that uses 3D graphic is mounted, and the operationality was improved, it is Iu.

A live broadcast service of sports, and in the exhibition of CES, it moves and implementation of the purchase of a game controller and a fitness equipment through & fitness of Health where the consumption calorie can be affirmed, real game that uses the game pad, and online Marquette "VIERA Connect Market".  see the imageWhen it is the first in the world, the real game, fitness, and the equipment purchase that uses TV are Iu.

http://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20110106_418227.html http://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/img/pcw/docs/418/227/01. 

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Sharp clarified the policy of would turn on a large-scale LCD TV of the screen size 70 inches to North American market around the 14th and next spring.
It becomes the nominal size of pump of the this company the greatest for a general user exceeding North America and 60 inches that are manufactured and sold for domestic use though 108 inches have already been sold to the corporation.

The house in North America expects that living rooms are wider than the countries, and the demand for 70 inches etc. is also larger.
The detail of the nominal price etc. is undecided though it is scheduled to sell it through the household appliance store.
It is thought that it wants to tie to the unit price improvement by enlarging the inside and the screen where the falling in price of the television continues. Whether it sells it in Japan-domestic is undecided and Iu.

The source
Http://www.asahi.com/business/update/1215/OSK201012150001.html Sharp http://www.sharp.co.jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6753

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SONY put digital book job-oriented terminal "Reader (leader)" on the market on the tenth.
It is thought that it sells, and the user of this favor is incorporated also in a part of bookstore such as Kinokuniya Shinjuku head offices in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo besides the household appliance store etc.

On the other hand, Sharp also puts multi-function terminal corresponding to the digital book etc. "GALAPAGOS (Galapagos)" on the market on the same day, and the purchase application is accepted in about 23,000 shops etc. of the whole country in the convenience store.
A real digital book age arrived also in Japan following Europe and America etc. where the digital book marketplace had already grown up.

The start of sales of the leader to SONY in three stores of Kinokuniya besides the household appliance store in 300 shops or more in the whole country etc.In the Kinokuniya Shinjuku head office in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, the leader was arranged to the prominent place in the vicinity of the entrance.
The Miyuki Nishimae manager in the Kinokuniya Shinjuku head office described, "Positively meet new reading needs".

On the other hand, Galapagos of Sharp mails the form with which the purchase applicant provided in the discount house or is a direct selling method that merchandise is sent to home and a start lingua when applying by the Internet as for sales.
The application form was put in 23,758 shops in the convenience store such as the Lawsone and FamilyMart in another and the whole country in the household appliance store etc.
Galapagos and the pamphlet were put on the shop of "Lawsone Yotsuya Samon-cho shop" of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo on the morning of the tenth.
The business promotion department general manager of the Fueden Shingo department at the media tablet business promotion center of Sharp「I want to change the life-style by touching the character. It becomes a big strong point because there are a lot of places with only the convenience store in the provinces. 」It described. 

The source
"Leader" terminal for digital book that http://sankei.jp.msn.com/economy/it/101210/its1012101112000-n1.htm SONY put on the market Http://sankei.jp.msn.   com/photos/economy/it/101210/its1012101112000-p1.jpg http://sankei.jp.msn.com/photos/economy/it/101210/its1012101112000-p2.jpg
- SONY Http://www.sony.co.jp/ Reader http://www.sony.jp/reader/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6758
- Sharp http://www.sharp.co.jp/
GALAPAGOS http://www.sharp.co.jp/galapagos/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6753

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Sharp can use the digital book etc.
The policy of putting tablet terminal "Galapagos" on the market in the United States at the latter half of 2011 was clarified.

The head of Mie of Oco Takahashi of the this company United States corporation described to reporters in consumer electronics trade fair "User electronics show" that had been held in this place.

This company also clarified the policy of putting 70-inch television on the market.

This company is aim as for sales of 15 million televisions a year until March, 2011. The target of the preceding fiscal year was 10 million.

The source
- Sharp http://www.sharp.co.jp/
GALAPAGOS http://www.sharp.co.jp/galapagos/news/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6753

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Sharp's being put the merchandise of 70 types that becomes the screen size of the the greatest on the market in Japan-domestic in the commercially available LCD TV in the coming year has understood the 28th.
It is an aim to rebut pressure on pricing by the infusion of the inside and 70 type television that the price of the thin-screen TV declines. It is thought that operating ratio of the Sakai shop (Sakaishi) where large-scale liquid crystal panels are produced is improved at the same time.

SONY sells 70 type television and the commercialization lingua is not selling it for about four million yen now in 2007.
60 types are the the greatest now though Sharp put 65 types on the market in the past.
It is expected that it will be suppressed to about 800,000 yen by using the Sakai shop where large-scale panels can be efficiently produced about the price of 70 types though it will stuff in the future.

70 type television has decided sales in the United States besides selling it domestically next spring.
Sales in China where the market scale is large will be put in view following the United States in the future.

The household appliance store aggressively made sales of a large-scale television more than 37 types with a large profit ratio in the thin-screen TV marketplace in the United States since the sales battle of Christmas of this year.
The rate war of the discount house is accelerated, and to get rid of the war of attrition, the order for a large-scale television is being increased to the manufacturer domestically.

Executive Sharp speaks, "The effect stimulated sales of the large-scale television like 60 types etc. that exists in the shop now by turning on 70 types can be expected".
The production adjustment is being done through necessity by progression of the disease etc. of the market now though a large-scale liquid crystal panel of "The tenth generation" that this company produces in the Sakai shop is chiefly for a large-scale television.
If the demand for a large-scale television rises, operating ratio of the shop rises, too and it connects with earning growth.

The downfall keynote continues to the price of the thin-screen TV worldwide, and the price competition of South Korea Samsun and LG Electronics has been compelled to Japanese manufacturer in the overseas market. Sharp strengthens the offensive in Japan-U.S. in an advanced marketplace for the earnings amelioration of the television business.

-There is no more to it (than that)-
Sharp http://www.sharp.co.jp/
Stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6753


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Mechanics Tec of manufacturing such as farming utensils (Higashihiroshimashi) automatically bundled elongate farm products such as Allium fistulosum var.caespitosum, and developed the new apparatus that put the label.
It is Iu to lighten the burden of the shipment work of a farmer advanced by the advanced age when one bunch is treatable at two seconds by the aim.

Metallic box of about 30 centimeters in height.  about 40 ..each.. centimeters width and ..new apparatus "Rubber patch man".. depth
The sensor perceives that it puts crops on the stand that adheres next to the box, it bundles with the rubber band, and the label to which the producer name etc. are written is put.

It corresponds to the Allium fistulosum and the Allium yezoense, etc.When about seven times the speed-up can be expected compared with conventional manual operation, it is Iu.

Hiroshima prefectural integrated technique laboratory agricultural technique center's (Higashihiroshimashi) cooperation was received, and it had developed since 2008.
The price is about one million yen, and sales of 5-10 a year are expected.

Http://www.chugoku-np.co.jp/News/Tn201012230031.html * official site http://www.urban.ne.jp/home/mechatec/seihin/rpatch/r-patch.htm * image http://www.urban.ne.jp/home/mechatec/seihin/rpatch/r-patti01a.jpg

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In IHI, the Niigata motor of the subsidiary (NPS and Tokyo Chuoku) is nitrogen oxides (NOX) on the 27th from January, 2011 It was announced that two for vessel medium speed engines corresponding to the 2 secondary regulation (International Maritime Organization) had been shipped first. This regulation was preceded the world as "28AHX engine family" in NPS by the one to request 15-22% reduction from the new ship by the regulation proportion of the 1 primary of 00 years and developed. In 28AHX, the new design lingua engine, and the cylinder bore is 280 millimeters (The stroke is 390 millimeters) as for the fuel injection system and the supercharger system. Nine cylinders and the power outputs made it from six cylinders to the series from 2070 to 3330 kilowatts. NOX was eroded by 30% compared with the compression temperature of the cylinder the adoption at the miller cycle and ..low.. engine conventionally. Moreover, the expansion ratio rate is attained and the improving fuel economy of 2% is attained by the raise. The deployment of this series in NPS as the strategic airplane kind when the future. It is thought that it aims at orders of 100 a year.

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Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. cuts the rudder in cooperation lingua original equipment manufacturing agreement (counter party brand) strategy with a local electric wire manufacturer in China. The electric wire for a part of equipment used for the machine tool as the first bounce is consigned to the local company, and local production is started in April, 2011.
It increases the sale to the Japanese manufacturer by the Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. brand and it will aim at sales of about 300 million yen a year in three years.
The product besides the well selling also expands production consignment Shite goods sequentially to the company incorporated abroad.
The investment is suppressed to the minimum in China and the active demand is incorporated.

Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. supports cooperation ahead on the manufacturing technology side, and warrants the quality.
It supplies it to a cheap machine tool etc. of a local specification to which the Japanese manufacturer steps up production.
The idea that wants to increase the sale to the local dealers machine tool maker besides the share is sustained by selling the low cost item.

This company has already produced a necessary electrode lines for the processor of the moldmaking in the manufacturing subsidiary in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province.
However, another product such as the equipment electric wires not manufactured in China suppresses investment risk by receiving the original equipment manufacturing agreement supply without having independence equipment.

The source
Http://www.nikkan.co.jp/news/nkx0320110104bjab.html Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. http://www.okidensen.co.jp/jp/index.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=5815

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President Norio Sasaki of Toshiba : in the interview of Reuters on the 16th.
The medium or small sized liquid crystal panel business was described, "There was a possibility that the operating income of hundred million yen for three digits goes out at current year if it went well", and the expectation of expanding was shown in the dimension of 10 billion yen or more.

Four billion yen, and the expectation of the full-year of present is 0 in results in the first six months of the term of current year.

President Sasaki : about the business activity of main force's NAND flash memory.
Knowledge that it was described, "(fiscal year 2010) Seemed to be able to go in fourth quarter than third quarter", and business activity improved further was shown.
On the other hand, "It might take within the year" of the Yokkaichi shop where the NAND memories are produced is a grasp of the influence on the Kotono shipment that stopped operating temporarily due to the accrual lingua electric power supply trouble on the eighth this month.

The head of this company : about the policy of M&A.
It was described, "When the business of the social infrastructure system bought a regional base, the customer base, and the technology, M&A becomes a center".

It was clarified that there was pulling against each other from the automaker of a domestic and foreign multitude about secondary cell "SCiB".
「The automaker thinks about a single making the vender (Procure it from the multitude) but making to multi-vender of the battery (Procure it from a single manufacturer). It is convenient for our company. 」It described. 

The source
Http://jp.reuters.com/article/topNews/idJPJAPAN-18660120101216 Toshiba http://www.toshiba.co.jp/index_j3.htm stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6502

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It is reported that manufacturing is consigned to Samsung though Toshiba designs the system LSI.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. is reporting that semiconductor maker Toshiba in the third place in the world consigns manufacturing the system LSI to Samsung Electronics in the second place in semiconductor world, and concentrates resources on the memory chip business.

Manufacturing is Iu when consigning it to Samsung though designs the system LSI by Toshiba in a new system from the coming year.

When Toshiba has continued to improve the function of the system LSI used with the cellular phone, the television, and the car in compliance with demand for the equipment that it is smaller and the electric power efficiency is higher, and to narrow the width of the circuit, this paper is told.

The works construction cost swells up to about 300 billion yen for the installation of high priced.
When the manufacturing facility need not be reinforced by cooperating with Samsung, and the charge can be saved, Toshiba is this paper.

Samsung is Iu when elected from the possession of the advanced technique and production capacity that mass-produces an efficient chip with low cost to the manufacturing consignee.

Nihonkeizai Shinbun is reporting that they rebuild the system LSI business in the leaving no margin by selling off the system LSI shop in Nagasaki to SONY by Toshiba, and make the shop in Oita an image sensor exclusive use.

When Toshiba concentrated on the memory chip, this paper was told, and added keeping the competition with Samsung.
Toshiba has the share of 34.9% in the second place in the world in the NAND type flash memory.
Samsung has the share of 39.3% in the same field.

The source
Http://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1012/24/news026.html Toshiba http://www.toshiba.co.jp/index_j3.htm stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6502

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JVC Kenwood Holdings reconstructing management announced that they executed the capital increase through public offering of about 10.6 billion yen by the end of the fifth and this month.
Panasonic of head of shareholders doesn't undertake the capital increase, and the ratio of the stock holdings of this company decreases from present 24.45% to 19.17%. JVC is not an equity method application company of Panasonic, becomes, and it will come off from the group in fact.

JVC Kenwood Holdings http://www.jk-holdings.com/

Stock price


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Liquid crystal panel major LG display in South Korea is the fifth.
It was clarified to supply the liquid crystal panel for the television to SONY.

Because SONY had established the joint venture with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for the liquid crystal panel procurement in 2004, the LG display had ended the panel supply to SONY.

The representative of the television division and Mr. Sang-beon on the LG display
、Consumer electronics trade fair "User electronics show" ahead「Supply arrangements of the liquid crystal panel for the television were resumed at the end of last year. It is hoped that dealings of both companies deepen further though the small size and the medium television panel are chiefly supplied so far. 」It described. 

The LG display doesn't clarify the panel supply number metallurgy forehead to SONY.

The diversification at the procurement destination is advanced as parts are bought from the manufacturer in Taiwan for the cost reduction though SONY was chiefly buying the panel for the television from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Sharp.

The source
Http://jp.reuters.com/article/marketsNews/idJPnTK883106920110106 SONY Http://www.sony.co.jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?nik_code=00001213

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What Sharp is discussing in the direction where the production line of the medium or small sized liquid crystal panel that centers for "IPhone (Iforn)" of the Apple Computer USA is newly established in the first shop in Kameyama (Mie Prefecture Kameyamashi) has understood the 17th.
It coordinates it in the direction where Apple substantially bears the majority of the investment.

The risk is launched out into to new establishment of the line few so that smart phone (multi-function cellular phone) popularity may be received, and demand may expanded, and Apple may receive most of the product to the medium or small sized liquid crystal panel.

The first shop in Kameyama where Sharp newly established the line sold off the production facility of the panel for the LCD TV to the manufacturer of electric appliances in China, remained only plants and buildings, and discussed the usage.
This company chose the country from being able the expectation of further growth, and there was supplying stable ahead though received the strong yen etc. , and advanced the strategy that provided the base in the locale in which demand existed in foreign countries for the competitiveness strengthening by the cost reduction.

Toshiba also is discussing it in the direction where the new factory that centers for Apple is constructed in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Apple expands the procurement route, and "Apple special procurements" contributes to the domestic investment and hiring increasing numbers greatly by the posture that launches the offensive in addition.

The source
Http://sankei.jp.msn.com/economy/business/101217/biz1012171042007-n1.htm Sharp http://www.sharp.co.jp/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6753

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Toshiba announced that they constructed the new factory of the LCD TV in Egypt on the 16th.
The LCD TV sales are expanded for Africa and the Middle East region.
The schedule of manufacturer of electric appliances "Elarabi" of Egypt and the production joint venture the establishment in January, 2011, and production scales per 11 fiscal year of 600,000 a year are planned.

The source
- Toshiba http://www.toshiba.co.jp/index_j3.htm
The LCD TV shop of the the greatest is excerpted to Egypt on December 16, 2010 with Africa and Azmatiiki Nakachika a part of construction http://www.toshiba.co.jp/about/press/2010_12/pr_j1601.htm.
About the system of sales, the improvement of the sales force of the television is aimed at by using the sales route of the white color home electric appliance of "Toshiba Elarabi consumer electronics sales company" that will be the marketer of the joint capital investment with the Toshiba home appliance company limited of the Elarabi Co. and our group now when the future, and it aims at the share 15% with Africa and Azmatiiki Nakachika in fiscal year 2011.
Stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6502

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SONY is installed in a digital camera and a smart phone, etc. on the 27th.
It was announced that it would increase production of the image sensor of CMOS (complementation metal-oxide semiconductor) sensor and CCD (charge coupled diode) of the semiconductor.
The aggregate amount about 100 billion yen will be adding invested by the end of fiscal year 2011, and production capacity is hiked to twice now.

An additional investment was decided by using the grant in aid of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry this time though SONY announced in September that they would increase production of throw CMOS sensor from the latter six months of the term of 10 fiscal years to 11 fiscal years about 40 billion yen in the Kumamoto shop.
The production capacity of CMOS sensor and CCD doubles from 25,000 present pieces a month to 50,000 pieces by 300 Miri in the diameter wafer commutation.

This additional investment : to 11 beginning of the fiscal year with the charge in which the second house in Nagasaki shop (Isahayashi) from Toshiba is bought back.
It allots it to the equipment purchase etc. of the third house in this shop that semiconductor subsidiary "SONY semi-conductor Kyushu" has managed since before besides allotting it to the production line maintenance afterwards.
The second house, a micro arithmetic processing ..MPU (.. converts the part for the production increase of CMOS sensor for PlayStation 3(PS3) though puts and produces "Cell (cell)" of).

CMOS sensor and CCD of the imager with the function that catches the image are semiconductors that are called "Eyes of the electron".
CCD makes to the business as a semiconductor that SONY installs in an airplane and various cameras, etc. in advance of the world, and has a high share. This company is an image sensor and the biggest business in the world.

On the other hand, airlifts such as a digital single lens reflex, digital cameras in recent years, and the hand cameras increase ..CMOS sensor of the same imager that is skillful in the highspeed processing... In addition, one's feet is launched out into from the rapid increase also of demand for a smart phone and tablet PC (personal computer) to the production increase.

The amount base of the expectation at ten fiscal years is 45% and head positions in the world share of this company of the image sensor that matches CCD to CMOS according to Mr. Yasugochi proton in charge of the SONY announcing to public.
It is thought that it wants to extend it to 30% in the future though amount of share for the cellular phone expects 10% or more.

The source
- SONY Http://www.sony.co.jp/
SONY on December 27, 2010 is doubling http://www.sony.co.jp/SonyInfo/News/Press/201012/10-165/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx? as for the production capacity of the image sensor. nik_code=00001213

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JVC Kenwood Holdings sold off the patent right of the DVD relation etc. that Victor Company of Japan owned to Panasonic by billions of yen, and the hardening calositas was the 23rd clarified.  the policy of doing the personnel reduction of hundreds of person dimension

The strengthening of the financial ground is an aim, and Panasonic supports JVC in the aspect by buying the patent right.

The source
- JVC Kenwood Holdings http://www.jk-holdings.com/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6632
- Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752

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Mitsubishi Electric announced that they began the local production of the laser beam machine that processed sheet metals such as cars and railways in Dalian in China next January on the 27th. It is the first that this company advances to foreign countries to produce of laser beam machines.

A Mitsubishi Electric Dalian equipment limited company of the company incorporated abroad that produces electrical discharge machine etc. produces ten months.
Because production by conventional equipment is possible, new capital investment is not done.

The key parts such as oscillators that generate the laser beam manufacture as usual at the Nagoya factory, and do the exterior and assembly in the locale. It aims at period for tax in China by local production and it aims at the client enlargement by enabling it is possible to do the cutback and the local currency payment for about one month.

Fiscal year 2015, it aims at the win of the share 25% that becomes a head position sell and in China of 11 billion yen.

The source
- Local production http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/news/2010/1227.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx? of the carbon dioxide gas laser processor on Mitsubishi Electric http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/ 2010 December 27, in China. scode=6503

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JVC Kenwood Holdings announced that they had developed "Next generation high-speed processor" of LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) for the hard disk camera to be treatable of the image by the highspeed on the 14th.

New LSI is Iu when a video signal that the moving image and is both still picture can be processed by the highspeed in one chip, and it comes to be able to take a picture of a super-high detailed image near the movie also with the household use video camera by the image quality about four times 3D image and a full hi-vision in the full hi-vision image quality.
Moreover, the still picture of 8.3 million pixels is rapid shooting and while the moving image is recorded from the increase of the compression speed of the video signal at the speed.  60 per seconds

The width of the circuit was an adoption, an advanced functionalization as for the semiconductor of 40 Nano (Nano is a parts per billion) meter, and power consumption eroded from old goods by about 40%, too.

When the cutback of the period to the commercialization can be done drastic because it is possible to correspond from the consumer product to a business camera with the system of new LSI, it is Iu.

The household use video camera to which it can take a picture of 3D image of a full hi-vision by "User electronics show (CES)" held in U.S. Las Vegas on January 6, 2011 schedules the reference to be exhibited. It is Iu when aiming at the commercialization in the latter half of 11 fiscal years.

The source
- JVC Kenwood Holdings http://www.jk-holdings.com/ Development http://www.victor.co.jp/press/2010/lsi.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx? of "HD camera Mochitsugu high-speed generation processor (LSI)" on December 14. scode=6632

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Panasonic and Sanyo Electric that will be made a wholly owned subsidiary by next spring conflict mutually putting alive the remainder of the battery brand of "Tiger cub", and it sparks.

It is repeatedly a brand of the domestic nickel metal-hydride battery (dry battery) that can be charged that attracts attention.
It is sold more than 3000 Manmoto a year (AA type and AAA type) domestically, and "Eneloop" of Sanyo Electric does and "Evolta" of Panasonic does the market share by 60% or more for almost two minutes by 30% or more and both brands.
It is well-known, and has sold about 2000 Manmoto a year of Eneloopby about 60 countries in foreign countries centering on environmental developed countries in Europe and America.

However, to assume the unification policy of both brands that Panasonic competes to be undecided, the anxiety and dissatisfaction of alive the remainder of the brand have been fumigated in below water.
It was November 22 that such a desire had come to light that the clear weather stage of both brands had batted.

Sanyo Electric opened "Birthday party of five years old" that celebrated the same day and Eneloop the fifth anniversary.
Eneloop is a brand that is marketed at time when it suffered from the resignation of chairman Satoshi Iue enormous amount of deficit and those who establish it in November, 2005, and supports this company as a blockbuster. The trade mark keeps, and has results that shipped more than 100 million 4 thousand Manmoto in the past five years though sold off the main production facility to FDK of the Fujitsu subsidiary.
Mascot's "Eneloop" shook and reeled Aikei to those who came in the hall.

On the other hand, Panasonic is busy on the final day of event "Third-order run in Tokaido 50" that uses robot "Ebolta" of the Pulmonary regurgitation character. Rechargeable Ebolta put on the market is an enlargement the watchword of 1200 times of the charge frequency that exceed Eneloop at that time in October, '08 as for the share.
It reached the point where Article 3 in Kyoto was reached a goal at last from Tokyo and Nihonbashi through the way of about 500 kilo on this day, and big applause went up from spectators who had crowded it.

"...... even if it doesn't make it to quite the same day. "The voice "It is in the rivalry in sales and is naturally" also : batting of group businesses while there were regrettable employees. Panasonic Office of Public Relations is describing, "The schedule's having come in succession is chance at all".

Moreover, the adjustment has a rough going the exhibition method though must the place of the appeal for the shape of a rechargeable dry battery in environmental exhibition "Eco-products 2010" of the domestic the greatest class (9th - 11th in December) normally because sticking to of both parties to the brand.
As a result, the battery brand is "It dared to put out neither to the table. " (affiliate).

However, both brands that almost suppress a domestic share :.
It is also true that there is an opinion "Making the brand concomitant the hurry unification can keep sharing".
It cannot take one's eyes off the whereabouts of  Eneloop and Ebolta also in foretelling the brand unified strategy of Panasonic and Sanyo Electric that holds rival merchandise such as white color home electric appliances in addition.
("Weekly diamond" editorial staff)

The source
Are characters that bring up with tender loving care crises of the selection, too?"Evolta"  "Eneloop"  Http://diamond.jp/mwimgs/5/5/240/img_55f17ca903d55772b3461f8e1f13de2326905.jpg of of http://diamond.jp/mwimgs/5/5/240/img_55f17ca903d55772b3461f8e1f13de2326905.jpg and Panasonic

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It was the ninth clarified for JVC Kenwood Holdings to expected to come off from the equity method application company of Panasonic, and to part from the Panasonic group in fact.

JVC with Victor Company of Japan and Kenwood in the subsidiary will be launched out into to the capital increase of 10 billion yen dimension next January as part of the management reconstruction.
Panasonic doesn't undertake the capital increase, and reduce the equity position from present about 28% in stages.
Finally, the direction assumed to be less than 20% outside the application of the equity method.

JVC plans to merge Victor and Kenwood for making to the operating efficiency, strengthens an independent color, and advances the reconstruction.

Panasonic sustains the capital contribution of about 28%, and has supported the management of JVC below in business integration that Kenwood added Victor that was the subsidiary in 2008 to the subsidiary.
However, to back up the independence of JVC, the policy of reducing the equity position in stages was come up with. The patent right of Victor is bought, and the strengthening of the financial ground of JVC will be coordinated in the direction where the aspect is supported in the future.

The source
http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/atmoney/news/20101209-OYT1T00612.htm?The table from=main2 "Panasonic that reaches longer than half a century and dealings of JVC" is http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/photo/20101209-143746-1-L.jpg.
- Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752
- JVC Kenwood Holdings http://www.jk-holdings.com/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6632

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SONY announced that they had invited U.S. Padu large special professor (75) of Eiichi Negishi who had won the 13th and this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistrys to the technical advisor of this company (Sho wall).
It advises to various researches that SONY advances in the organic electronics field.

Mr. Negishi assumes the position of the executive research advisor of this company (special research advisor and part-time) dated of a day.
It advises to in-house researchers in the organic chemistry field such as the organic transistor, the organic solar cells, and plant material plastic by which this company is advancing development and the productization.

SONY is expecting, "An in-house researcher is touched off by touching the world authority of the organic chemistry, and connect with an epoch-making product development" Mr. Negishi's invitation.

Mr. Negishi is an authority of "Cross-coupling" research of the synthesis reaction on the organic metal.
Bottom line was perceived by the cross-coupling research on the palladium catalyst, and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was won with Sskishou, emeritus professor (80) of University of Hokkaido, and Richard Hecc U.S. Delaware large emeritus professor (79).

The source
Http://sankei.jp.msn.com/economy/business/101213/biz1012131638013-n1.htm In the dinner party of the Nobel prize ceremony, Stockholm City Hall at Eiichi Negishi = night of the tenth when it makes a speech http://sankei.jp.msn.com/photos/economy/business/101213/biz1012131638013-p1.jpg.
- SONY Http://www.sony.co.jp/
Electronics field of ..Kishieiiti 13 Hine.. organic executive research advisor assumption http://www.sony.co.jp/SonyInfo/News/Press/201012/10-161/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx? in December, 2010scode=6758

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Groups of the lengths of The University of Tokyo Misaki marine laboratory are clarification of the mechanism of the model difficulty rule sickness/Kanagawa and others as for the sea urchin.

Groups of Akasaka shell rule heads (59) in the University of Tokyo Misaki marine laboratory (Miurashi Misakicho Koajiro) clarified the mechanism of the obstinacy sickness that had been assumed for the method of treatment not to exist up to now, and the paper award of the Japanese medical practice molecular form society was won. The research is advanced after the model of the sea urchin, and the Akasaka head who solves the mechanism of morbus :. 「It was able to be shown that the basic research that used the marine products animal brought the medicine the knock-on effect. The discovery that overturns a conventional concept, and it leads to the development of the method of treatment. 」It speaks. 

The prize essay is assumed to have revealed the mechanism of the mucopolysaccharidosis and the mld syndrome of the hereditary disease by a joint research of Kyorin University, School of Medicine, the Nippi bio matrix study place, and Hiroshima University.

It ..research of the mechanism of the formation of animal's body and tela.. has continued for 30 ..Akasaka head.. years or more.
Especially, the sea urchin that is appropriate for the experiment is paid to attention closing to human beings in evolution. If working of sea urchin's gene is understood with almost the same gene, man and the sea urchin cause the clarification of the mechanism of man's vital activity.

This time, it pays attention to the arylsulftase gene that has been thought to be a gene of the enzyme from of old.
In the sea urchin, it was proven that the majority worked as not the enzyme but a cellular syndesis and a foothold of the cell movement, and even man clarified to the protein that this gene made similar it.

Recently, it is paid attention worldwide that the study of the marine plants and animals has been made the best use of for biology, the medicine, and the drug discovery, etc. as the researcher of marine biology wins Nobel prize one after another. The Akasaka head spoke, "Wish that the utility of the basic research of the marine organism come to be understood by Japan like Europe and America".

University of Tokyo science course research course Department of Science
The Akasaka shell rule professor in 12/14 attachment marine laboratory ..2010 Japanese medical practice molecular form society fiscal year paper award.. wins http://www.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/info.html?. id=2559

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The new kind discovery by the Papaver somniferum Japanese with a blue red and white shrimp and phantom comes one after another.

The report of the new kind of living being by the Japanese is successive. The shrimp of a vivid red and white pattern to make Father Christmas associate it was found in Okinawa. The phantom was affirmed and two kinds of the companion of "Blue Papaver somniferum" that flower Tomoi cracked were affirmed newly in China.

The shrimp was about one centimeter in the total length, and it ..about 10,000 kilo besides the shoal on the main Okinawa island.. was discovered also in Madagascar I. in the Indian Ocean away. It has been understood that Mr. Tomoyuki Komai of Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba et al. examined it with Alpheus brevicristatus's companion. The thesis was published in the science professional journal of New Zealand.

Mr./Ms. Komai「It seems to live in a wide sea area. It was small, and, up to now, is likely not to have been discovered though a red and white color like Santa stood out well. 」It speaks. 

Gotcha by two kinds in Yamanaka where .."Blue Papaver somniferum".. (61) of the Chiba Prefecture living ..the vegetable photographer and Sotonotscao Yoshida.. passes the altitude 4,000 meters of the Sichuan Province southwest of last year in August. Here and there, the flower had been in blossom between the rock and both rocks etc.It was affirmed by a joint research with the botanist in U.S. Harvard University and the Kunming plant research place as the new kind. As for the companion of this Papaver somniferum, 40 kinds or more are known in the world. (Tomoyuki Yamamoto)


- Image
New kind and understood Yusuke Yamada providing shrimp = gathered

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