VIERA tablet/LCD TV/projectorの最近のブログ記事

Panasonic announced that they had developed terminal corresponding to the cloud service "VIERA tablet" on the sixth.
It commercializes by the end of 2011, and the notice assignment service business of the image and the digital book is done.
When being holding it in United States Las Vegas, the experimental model is 2011 It is exhibited to International CES.

The VIERA tablet installs Android in OS, and is a terminal of the tablet type to which the manipulation is done with the touch panel.
The experimental model installs the liquid crystal display of the 4 type, seven types, and ten types, and mounts visibility and operationality (GUI) matched to service and contents. Communication feature is Wi-Fi.

In the concept exhibition in CES, internet services for digital TV that announces simulataneous.
The implementation of "Visual remote control" that makes sports contents notice assignment and the VIERA tablet by "VIERA Connect" the remote control of TV, the multiangle attention of the sports image, the SNS interlocking in the image attention, the attention contents, and the interlocking lingua merchandise sales.
It proposes a new attention style as a small screen where the one related to the image of TV is displayed.

Notice assignment, the game of the movie, music, and the digital book, the newspaper, and the magazine, SNS, and the E-commerce, etc. have been enumerated as a service case with the under discussion.

The start of VIERA Connect in internet services for digital TV of the cloud type from spring.
It corresponds to more applications by the one that conventional "VIERA CAST" was evolved more.

The middleware technology of VIERA Connect is globalized to the other companies (appliance maker and semiconductor maker), and it aims at the enlargement of the application and service. "Smart VIERA" of the sale schedule corresponds in the United States since spring.
When GUI that uses 3D graphic is mounted, and the operationality was improved, it is Iu.

A live broadcast service of sports, and in the exhibition of CES, it moves and implementation of the purchase of a game controller and a fitness equipment through & fitness of Health where the consumption calorie can be affirmed, real game that uses the game pad, and online Marquette "VIERA Connect Market".  see the imageWhen it is the first in the world, the real game, fitness, and the equipment purchase that uses TV are Iu. 

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