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Star Seiki Co., Ltd. (aichi prefecture Oguchicho) starts the taking out robot business for a large-scale molding machine for the young country such as China in January, 2011 in cooperation with a Ningbo sea heaven group share limited company of the world's largest injection molding machine manufacturer (Ningbo City in China).

Star Seiki Co., Ltd. sells it, and the sea heaven produces and sells the licensing Shite joint development lingua robot.
Star Seiki Co., Ltd. supplies parts.
As for taking out robot maker and cooperation of labor, the sea heaven is the first time.
Star Seiki Co., Ltd. makes cooperation with the sea heaven the foothold of the young country business.

The joint development lingua taking out robot is "Haimaticc - the star series. "
It plans to produce 100―150 during year there are a correspondence type of the power 850―1600 tons and 1600―3000-ton correspondence types ..the clamping...
The sea heaven sells it together with its own molding machine.
The sea son of heaven company that handles the servo motor etc. produces.

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Http:// Star Seiki Co., Ltd.

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Panasonic and Sanyo Electric that will be made a wholly owned subsidiary by next spring conflict mutually putting alive the remainder of the battery brand of "Tiger cub", and it sparks.

It is repeatedly a brand of the domestic nickel metal-hydride battery (dry battery) that can be charged that attracts attention.
It is sold more than 3000 Manmoto a year (AA type and AAA type) domestically, and "Eneloop" of Sanyo Electric does and "Evolta" of Panasonic does the market share by 60% or more for almost two minutes by 30% or more and both brands.
It is well-known, and has sold about 2000 Manmoto a year of Eneloopby about 60 countries in foreign countries centering on environmental developed countries in Europe and America.

However, to assume the unification policy of both brands that Panasonic competes to be undecided, the anxiety and dissatisfaction of alive the remainder of the brand have been fumigated in below water.
It was November 22 that such a desire had come to light that the clear weather stage of both brands had batted.

Sanyo Electric opened "Birthday party of five years old" that celebrated the same day and Eneloop the fifth anniversary.
Eneloop is a brand that is marketed at time when it suffered from the resignation of chairman Satoshi Iue enormous amount of deficit and those who establish it in November, 2005, and supports this company as a blockbuster. The trade mark keeps, and has results that shipped more than 100 million 4 thousand Manmoto in the past five years though sold off the main production facility to FDK of the Fujitsu subsidiary.
Mascot's "Eneloop" shook and reeled Aikei to those who came in the hall.

On the other hand, Panasonic is busy on the final day of event "Third-order run in Tokaido 50" that uses robot "Ebolta" of the Pulmonary regurgitation character. Rechargeable Ebolta put on the market is an enlargement the watchword of 1200 times of the charge frequency that exceed Eneloop at that time in October, '08 as for the share.
It reached the point where Article 3 in Kyoto was reached a goal at last from Tokyo and Nihonbashi through the way of about 500 kilo on this day, and big applause went up from spectators who had crowded it.

"...... even if it doesn't make it to quite the same day. "The voice "It is in the rivalry in sales and is naturally" also : batting of group businesses while there were regrettable employees. Panasonic Office of Public Relations is describing, "The schedule's having come in succession is chance at all".

Moreover, the adjustment has a rough going the exhibition method though must the place of the appeal for the shape of a rechargeable dry battery in environmental exhibition "Eco-products 2010" of the domestic the greatest class (9th - 11th in December) normally because sticking to of both parties to the brand.
As a result, the battery brand is "It dared to put out neither to the table. " (affiliate).

However, both brands that almost suppress a domestic share :.
It is also true that there is an opinion "Making the brand concomitant the hurry unification can keep sharing".
It cannot take one's eyes off the whereabouts of  Eneloop and Ebolta also in foretelling the brand unified strategy of Panasonic and Sanyo Electric that holds rival merchandise such as white color home electric appliances in addition.
("Weekly diamond" editorial staff)

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Are characters that bring up with tender loving care crises of the selection, too?"Evolta"  "Eneloop"  Http:// of of and Panasonic

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JVC Kenwood Holdings overall consolidates the in-vehicle equipment business such as car navigation systems that Victor Company of Japan and Kenwood of the subsidiary handle in the moon. The function of the product planning and business is moved to development and the industrial that both companies jointly invest. Each division reorganizes the group internal business such as in-vehicle equipment and domestic audios and it makes it to efficiency.

The product planning of in-vehicle equipment and the function of business are consolidated in J&K Technologies (JKTE and Tokyo Hachiojishi) that is the co-parent company of both companies. About 170 employees proceed to JKTE from Victor and Kenwood in the moon. The name of the company also changes to "J&K automotive electronics", and all processes from the project of both brand products to sales are handled consistently. The business deficit was post in fiscal year 2008 though in-vehicle equipment was a leading business of JVC Kenwood.

Http:// *JVC Kenwood Holdings stock price information

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