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plastic from shell of nut

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【 plastic from shell of nut ]

NEC of the major electric machine manufacturer develops the technology that makes it from the shell etc. of the cashew nut that had been thrown away up to now, and will aim at the introduction into the in-house product of plastic that makes the vegetable a raw material to which use is advanced as one of the measures for controlling global warming in the future.

Up to now, because the raw material that becomes for food like the Zea mays L. etc. is used, the influence of sudden rise of the food price has been feared as one of the measures for controlling global warming as for "Bio plastic" that makes the vegetable a raw material though use is advanced.

In such and NEC developed the technology that manufactured plastic by adding the oil constituent taken from the shell of the cashew nut that had been thrown away up to now to the material contained in straw.

Plastic made from the management by the kipper and this technology is enabled water, to be heat resistant, high strength, too and for the application to be expected as a raw material of the electronic equipment such as personal computers compared with conventional bio plastic.

It is assumed that it aims at the practical use of this technology by fiscal year 2013, and NEC schedules use to the in-house product such as cellular phones to be advanced first of all, and is speaking, "I want to curb costs by being seek further enlightenment in the future, improving it is easy to burn, and advancing the efficiency improvement of manufacturing".

- Peanut source

【Improved bio plastic of the ratio of raw materials of NEC and the vegetable is developed ]

NEC announced that they had developed bio plastic that improved the ratio of raw materials of vegetables on the 25th.
The ratio of the plant compositions is improved to 70% or more, and the usage of the resin and the additive of the crude oil system is suppressed.
It puts it to practical use as a raw material for the electronic equipment such as cellular phones in around fiscal year 2013.

The oil that was called a cardanol extracted from the shell of cellulose and the cashew nut that was the principal ingredient of the grass and the stalk was bonded. The stability securing of the raw material aims at the supply by the low price from saying as possible, and bio plastic that is now because the plant materials other than for food.

Moreover, when strength and heat resistance rise respectively by about the twice compared with bio plastic that makes the starch a raw material, good use with the durable product is expected.

- Peanut source;at=ALL

- Release of NEC(6701)

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On the old Ibaraki satellite comcenter site (Hitachishi and Takahagishi)
It cooperates by industry, government and university, the radio telescope set up on the Hitachi side of the same site does National Astronomical Observatory with Ibaraki University that remodels two (both 32 meters in the diameter) para Bona antennas to the cosmic radio wave telescope on the 29th, and three telescopes of the whole country do an advanced jointly observation.
It was announced that it participated in the examination observation of VLBI (very long baseline interferometer), and it succeeded for the first time.
When it succeeded in the examination observation that captures the signal from the heavenly body for the first time on the first this month, another Takahagi side is Iu.

Center head ..the this macrocosm science education research center.. Masayoshi Yokozawa「The yield remodeled from the communications antenna to the radio telescope went out. It wants to improve the accuracy of two radio telescopes further, and to begin in the future a real observation like new probing of the star and the surveillance etc. of the black hole heavenly body. 」It spoke. 
It is Iu when aiming at the probing of the region where the massive star eight times or more the sun arises, the clarification of the birth process, and the clarification of the site of origin of the high energy emission in the active galactic nucleus, etc.
20-meter radio telescope of National Astronomical Observatory Mizusawa (Iwate Prefecture Oshu City) at 10-12 o'clock of the afternoon of June 10th doing the VLBI observation besides Hitachi 20-meter radio telescope of * this coming (Kagoshima Prefecture Satsuma Sendaishi) is participation.
When be able it to observe at the same time with three radio telescopes, and to do the correlation treatment of data, it is Iu.
The observation is scheduled to be planned in cooperation with 25-meter radio telescope of China and the sea in the end of August.

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System improvement to a stroke of lightning drastic observing system

Power failure by a stroke of lightning that happens frequently in summer. There was a risk of the a stroke of lightning in winter, and Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. announced that they had improved the accuracy of the system that understood the a stroke of lightning that caused the power transmission trouble drastic recently.
Up to now, it is Iu when leading to the restoration at the early stage of the power transmission trouble because the a stroke of lightning of winter on the Sea of Japan side where the grasp was difficult can be almost specified, and the accrual place is ascertained because of half a conventional error margin.
It is necessary to stop transmitting electricity specifying the place as early as possible to prevent the fracture of the power transmission line by the short, and to do the maintenance check to the power transmission line at the a stroke of lightning lingua.
It has been understood to have missed more than the half about the a stroke of lightning of winter that occurs on the Sea of Japan side in around November - March though Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. introduced the a stroke of lightning monitoring system that applies the thunder observation equipment of the foreign make about 20 years ago.

The monitoring system consists of the antenna and the analyzer set up in nine points of the this company jurisdiction.
When three antennas or more catch the hertzian wave waveform of pathognomonic (reference waveform) at the a stroke of lightning, the place and strength of the a stroke of lightning are analyzed from the difference etc. of each antenna at time of arrival.
The same principle as the seismograph network that specifies the hypocenter from the time of arrival and strength of the shake of the earthquake.

In a general a stroke of lightning of summer, it is called, "Downward a stroke of lightning", and when analyzing it, the hertzian wave waveform = photograph (1) = is basis.
On the other hand, the discharge phenomenon faces the thundercloud from ground as for the a stroke of lightning of winter.
There are a lot of "Up-tick a stroke of lightning". Because the hertzian wave waveform is different from the type in summer, the possibility that the analyzer judged, "Noise different from the a stroke of lightning" is high.

Then, this company analyzed the hertzian wave of the a stroke of lightning of winter by the debt by ten years, ascertained waveform = photograph (2) = of the up-tick a stroke of lightning, and was able to set the second reference waveform. When it becomes enough in six points, and the error margin of the a stroke of lightning place became small, too the consequence and the antenna that devises the installation point and the sensor internal circuit of the sensor are Iu.
It will introduce it from next spring in full scale.

Head Kazuo Sato in the this company research and development center (Sendaishi Aobaku)「The up-tick a stroke of lightning has occurred also in foreign countries. I want to contribute to the world with a new a stroke of lightning monitoring system. 」It speaks.

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To "Air conditioner of nature" discovery Yamagata and the Niiyama district"Air hole"

The place where the cold spouts from the hole that becomes empty on the slope in the mountain is found in the Niiyama district in Yamagatashi, and it gets into the news.
7-8 degrees, and cold that spouts from hole is low, and "Air conditioner of nature" exactly though hot day when maximum air temperature exceeds 30 degrees continuesIt is Iu of a Yamagata University area training cultural faculty according to Kawabe Takayuki = geology = when thought, "Air hole" in which the chill wind spouts in summer in the declive and Tanima, etc.

The hole is a semicircle of 0.5 meters in height and about 1 meter in width.
It covers on the layer where the big rock assumed lying about deposited (pile up) with a black soil when peering inside.
It always spouts from the inside though there are strong and weak in the wind.

It was an owner in land, and it was sideward of the road where the person in local frequented the field even ahead a little according to Mr. Gennosuke (81) of Tsunekawa who lived nearby the place with the air hole.
It is Mr. Tsunekawa , saying that "It was made to hear that there was a place where the chill wind blew from father from among the spinney".
When the thermometer is put and measured in the vicinity of the exit of the wind, the blowing colds are 7-8 degrees and Iu when constant through one year.

The puzzolana that gushes by the volcanic activity at about 1000 Mannen front becomes according to the professor of Kawabe and stiff tuff Tona becomes a mountain.
A sudden slope that doesn't weather because of the mountain collapses, and "Scree (talus cone)" in which a rugged rock accumulates under the cliff in the semicircle state of Sui is formed under ground. The collected water freezes for winter, it circulates to the niche of the rock of the scree while being cooled air that entered it from the state like "Snow room", and ..not being possible to solve.. niche in the layer of the soil in summer in this cold layer, and it is Iu in case of the spouting mechanism.

The professor of Kawabe is Iu , saying that "It is possible to do only in the place where the stiff rock makes the decay Shite scree" though "The shell is a shell" of Tendoshi is started, and some similar air holes are affirmed inside a prefecture.
Mr. Tsunekawa is speaking with "A lot of people widely learn the existence of the air hole, and relate it to the activation of this region".

Air hole = Yamagatashi Niiyama who spouts cold style of ten degrees or less at * image midsummer

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