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Sharp clarified the policy of would turn on a large-scale LCD TV of the screen size 70 inches to North American market around the 14th and next spring.
It becomes the nominal size of pump of the this company the greatest for a general user exceeding North America and 60 inches that are manufactured and sold for domestic use though 108 inches have already been sold to the corporation.

The house in North America expects that living rooms are wider than the countries, and the demand for 70 inches etc. is also larger.
The detail of the nominal price etc. is undecided though it is scheduled to sell it through the household appliance store.
It is thought that it wants to tie to the unit price improvement by enlarging the inside and the screen where the falling in price of the television continues. Whether it sells it in Japan-domestic is undecided and Iu.

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Sharp can use the digital book etc.
The policy of putting tablet terminal "Galapagos" on the market in the United States at the latter half of 2011 was clarified.

The head of Mie of Oco Takahashi of the this company United States corporation described to reporters in consumer electronics trade fair "User electronics show" that had been held in this place.

This company also clarified the policy of putting 70-inch television on the market.

This company is aim as for sales of 15 million televisions a year until March, 2011. The target of the preceding fiscal year was 10 million.

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Sharp's being put the merchandise of 70 types that becomes the screen size of the the greatest on the market in Japan-domestic in the commercially available LCD TV in the coming year has understood the 28th.
It is an aim to rebut pressure on pricing by the infusion of the inside and 70 type television that the price of the thin-screen TV declines. It is thought that operating ratio of the Sakai shop (Sakaishi) where large-scale liquid crystal panels are produced is improved at the same time.

SONY sells 70 type television and the commercialization lingua is not selling it for about four million yen now in 2007.
60 types are the the greatest now though Sharp put 65 types on the market in the past.
It is expected that it will be suppressed to about 800,000 yen by using the Sakai shop where large-scale panels can be efficiently produced about the price of 70 types though it will stuff in the future.

70 type television has decided sales in the United States besides selling it domestically next spring.
Sales in China where the market scale is large will be put in view following the United States in the future.

The household appliance store aggressively made sales of a large-scale television more than 37 types with a large profit ratio in the thin-screen TV marketplace in the United States since the sales battle of Christmas of this year.
The rate war of the discount house is accelerated, and to get rid of the war of attrition, the order for a large-scale television is being increased to the manufacturer domestically.

Executive Sharp speaks, "The effect stimulated sales of the large-scale television like 60 types etc. that exists in the shop now by turning on 70 types can be expected".
The production adjustment is being done through necessity by progression of the disease etc. of the market now though a large-scale liquid crystal panel of "The tenth generation" that this company produces in the Sakai shop is chiefly for a large-scale television.
If the demand for a large-scale television rises, operating ratio of the shop rises, too and it connects with earning growth.

The downfall keynote continues to the price of the thin-screen TV worldwide, and the price competition of South Korea Samsun and LG Electronics has been compelled to Japanese manufacturer in the overseas market. Sharp strengthens the offensive in Japan-U.S. in an advanced marketplace for the earnings amelioration of the television business.

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