Developing by the initiation of the U.S. Air Force laboratory became and the debut experiment of hypersonic aircraft experimental aircraft X-51 "Waverider (Wave Rider)" of the scramjet method that had been advanced became clear this autumn execution.

At present, the debut experiment is scheduled to be executed on October 27 by what Charlie blink (Charlie Brink) propulsion engine development charge manager in this laboratory answered according to the interview of the local paper.

After it is carried to the sky of the high degree 35000 foot by B-52, the experiment is a aerial delivery.
Afterwards, the scramjet that becomes a main propulsion engine after it accelerates to Mach 4.5 by using the thrust of the rocket booster is ignited, and arriving at the speed of Mach 6 is a target in minimum.

X-51 is expected to keep flying for about five minutes in the thrust of the scramjet, and to fall on the Pacific Ocean when the experiment succeeds.

The scramjet technology is established by being repeat the flight experiment of four times in total by 2010 in this laboratory, and it moves to the next step work for practical use.

The plan was breaking off of the flight experiment of the third times executed in November, 2004 in Ada Tona because X-43 had used liquefied hydrogen for the propellant at the end for experimental expense (mechanically complex, high priced) though the experiment that used the experimental aircraft named X-43 for NASA for the scramjet had been repeated.

The workshop modification that aims at practical use the future as the JP-7 jet fuel used as a general aircraft fuel is used for Shite and X-51 in consideration of the practicability for the propellant is added.

The Department of Defense is assuming that it uses the technology of this hypersonic aircraft for the reconnaissance airplane and the attack plane, etc. in the future after the yield of X-51 is judged.



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