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The university in Britain developed the racing car that made the chocolate a fuel and ran. When it can run at a speed of 125 miles per hour (201 kilo), the handle is Iu though the carrot and the main body consist of Solanum tuberosum.

Warwick University in Britain develops this "WorldFirst Formula 3" aiming at the racing car that uses the earth-friendly technology. The completion on May 5, and running became possible. The running basis of Formula 3 is filled excluding the point to use the biodiesel engine.

The main body of WorldFirst Formula 3 consists of parts of the vegetable origin. The fuel has been taken out of disposed of chocolate and vegetable oil by the root crop and the sheet such as the carrots using the vegetable oil for the handle for the fiber, the soybean oil form, and the lubricating oil of hemp.

Project manager James Meredith is commenting as follows. 「I think the participation lingua to be glad this project. It is important for our team to make up the illustrative example of a true 'Green' racing car. The WorldFirst project expels the myth that it is necessary to compromise by the performance to manufacture a good car for the environment. 」

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