President Fumio Otsubo of Panasonic is Reuters on the tenth.
It gave an interview, and the outlook of getting rid of the deficit for the period of 2011.1. - 2011.3. was shown about a continuing thin-screen TV business in red ink.
As for making to the surplus in the latter six months of the term of fiscal year 2010, it is Iu in case of the year-end sales battle situation.

The thin-screen TV business is a business deficit 3 years in a row this term. Making at 11 fiscal years to the surplus was assumed to be "Attain it without fail".
The depletion of the thin-screen TV equipment this term is Iu , saying that "Do not think for the present".

About year-end sales battle of the America and Europe marketplace「The strong recovery Hanai way in the place in which it hears it by the preliminary report. This is a range of assumption. Be the same as last year or a little in Yoi」It made it. 
3D television though it was assumed, "The marketplace will expand in the coming year"「I think that there is falling in price of two digits or more. Merchandise is developed on the assumption of it. 」With Iu.
About the online of the United States game business
「There is power in the United States. It promotes it as a local new operation. 」It spoke. 

The synergy effect of 60 billion yen is expected with the operating income base in Sanyo Electric and the Panasonic electrical engineering's integrating with the tela by the new system in January, 2012 at 12 fiscal years. relation to..fiscal year..structural some degree..dimension..go
About the juridical personality of Sanyo Electric in relation to the tela integration「It takes the period to integrate.
(At first,)It is not easy to advance in not residue but the business reorganization. 」It described. 

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The doctor applied patient's genetic evidence in situ to Panasonic and the prospect was applied to the establishment of the technology by finishing diagnostic full automation. The gene diagnosis is indispensable for an appropriate anticancer agent administering etc.This time, a micro high pressure pump and a highly accurate filter that became an important technology of making to one chip were developed. card..half..small..chip..snip..term..see..inspection..achieve.

Yield by a joint research with IMEC of institution in Belgium. The inspection to which it takes several days comes to end in an hour or two. It leads to the spread of "Tailor-made treatment" that chooses the method of treatment such as the medicine formulations matched to patient's diathesis in the clinical setting.

A current SNP inspection is necessary an equipment of the nominal size of pump of the desktop personal computer and detailed manual operation, and leaves the the least to the acceptance of order service provider. Therefore, it took several days to the inspection completion, and not being possible to correspond to urgent treatment were the difficulties.

The SNP inspection first decomposes the blood corpuscle, extracts the DNA, and increases the number of the DNAs with PCR. Afterwards, only the necessary expert Shite one is assorted, and the DNA is judged to Rui molecular level Nofu with the SNP sensor.

This time, the polymer pump that sends off the sample is developed. The filter that was able to take out the DNA of which number increased by the difference at the flowing time according to the nominal size of pump was achieved through the niche of the silicon column that grew also in the brush state minutely controlled, too. The plutonium separation of a necessary DNA can be done for the SNP inspection of the anticancer agent in five seconds. A minimum SNP sensor has already established the specific technology.

The pump used the character for conducting polymer to incorporate the ion and to swell. To make thin film that places the electrolyte in conducting polymer, and to swell with the direction of the thickness, it devises it. 5―7 accumulating it, and the pump to which the sample was able to be extruded by the power for 30 atmospheric pressures was developed by the nominal size of pump of eight millimeter diameter and low voltage of 1.5 volts.

Filters are 20 mu ms in height and the thickness is shape where the silicon column into which the part doesn't change by one mu m queues up thickly ordered in one mu m spacing.
The plutonium separation can be done to type breakdown by the difference of the nominal size of pump while the niche's passing when the DNA is thrown from the aspect. When it is possible to decide by length, and to assort it every 50 bases, the modality is Iu.

Small PCR is achieved, and the application such as the allergias to the testing unit will be advanced besides the achievement of the chip that inspects the gene on the medical treatment site is sped up in the future. The genetic screening is expected that the marketplace grows up rapidly in the latter half of the 2010's. The trial with 150 billion yen has gone out of the tailor-made treatment marketplace in the world of 2017.

The detail is announced with IEDM2010 holding it in Sun US Francisco a local time the eighth.

【 term ]How of four horn molecule that composes the DNA with SNP (monobasic polymorphism)= genetic code for the row
Differ depending on the person. A human chromosome has the base pair of about three billion. The difference is one per 1000 base though the array is different in each individual. Whether it is effective morbus to which it might take strength in sake when SNP that is the difference is detected, and the future and a certain agent or terrible the side reaction, etc. can be judged.

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Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, etc. establish Technical Research Association "Basis authentication innovation Technical Research Association (tentative name)" in January, 2011.
Japan company makes the system to advance the international standardization of the technology jointly.

The enrollment bank function of the talent involved in the standard activity such as the enterprise retirees is provided for the union besides working by cooperating in making to the technical standard in international organization for standardization (ISO) etc.
It asks enterprises of various category of business for participation besides the electric machine, and the first "All Japan" system in Japan in the international standardization activity is built.

Expectation that Panasonic is made lead manager, and Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, SONY, and Industrial general Laboratory join Technical Research Association. After 11 Hikuma January, '11, the establishment recording is done.
The attendee of each company combines zones of management that bundle the business strategy with the practitioner of the Director-General class and is a composition.
The activity can be incorporated to the management matter of each company like the business strategy etc. arranging the combat echelon of the international standardization activity.

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