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The clock of the dumbbell is very discovered at the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro branch though there are various alarm clocks in the world.
Even the place where the electronic sound rings is quite the same as the across-the-board one when becoming set getting up time.
Indescribable stinks from the morning of the trouble and awaking is Shou goods of ~ of evil by which the sound doesn't disappear ..along.. ..the groan...

「How can I get up neatly in the morning?It was thought that the alarm clock with an argument lingua consequence and a pain was made in-house, and reached this merchandise of the two birds with one stone that was able to move at last. 」Mr. Shota of Nishikawa of manufacturing and distributor's Belsos IT divisions.

It puts on the market in May this year, and 5000 initial shipments are the absorption linguas.
It is felt to strangeness that it is long 30 times in the morning though it doesn't lightly become tired of 600 grams in weight and the extent not injured when actually using it.
An easy mechanism that perceives the number by the vibration sensor of a similar pedometer and stops.

Is laughed at to see with the dumbbell physical exercise in the bed. Some effects?
「Battiri cannot sleep twice by awaking. Whether the effect of this merchandise is not understood, and the story that weight decreased is heard. 」
With Mr. Nishikawa.

100 times of the weight-lifting or pretense or ..further powerup of alarm clock, necessity or sleep.. - of strength not effective in this.  do not oversleep


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Panasonic's being expected to make Sanyo Electric a subsidiary in September has understood the 19th. It is because the prospect almost adhered to the review of the Antimonopoly Law such as Europe and America, and Panasonic entered the adjustment in the direction where takeover bid (TOB) of San'you was started in the end of July in the beginning of August.

A large-scale reorganization of the drastic late manufacturer of electric appliances will be achieved from this spring of the first schedule.

Plural..affiliate..Panasonic..Sanyo..executive..last week..United States..visit..authorities..stuff..conference..who has made.
The affiliate is speaking also in Europe and Japan though the problem somewhat remains, "(for take over bid) The big hurdle was lost".

The take over bid will be executed through the document procedure etc. of about one month in the future. 20 minimum business days are necessary for the take over bid.

Panasonic planned making to the subsidiary this spring, and had received the review of the anti-monopoly law in the country and the region of 11. However, the procedure had a rough going especially in the United States.

The share of a automotive nickel metal-hydride battery was assumed and both companies were assumed to match, to reach 8 and 90 percent, and might inhibit the fair competition in the United States. It will think about the lithium-ion battery for the car in the future, and however, the mainstream and the bird clapper are certain, and authorities are thought to be an inclination of the problem to the judgment with the small.


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JVC Kenwood Holdings overall consolidates the in-vehicle equipment business such as car navigation systems that Victor Company of Japan and Kenwood of the subsidiary handle in the moon. The function of the product planning and business is moved to development and the industrial that both companies jointly invest. Each division reorganizes the group internal business such as in-vehicle equipment and domestic audios and it makes it to efficiency.

The product planning of in-vehicle equipment and the function of business are consolidated in J&K Technologies (JKTE and Tokyo Hachiojishi) that is the co-parent company of both companies. About 170 employees proceed to JKTE from Victor and Kenwood in the moon. The name of the company also changes to "J&K automotive electronics", and all processes from the project of both brand products to sales are handled consistently. The business deficit was post in fiscal year 2008 though in-vehicle equipment was a leading business of JVC Kenwood.

Http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/sangyo/20090621AT1D1902E20062009.html *JVC Kenwood Holdings stock price information http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6632

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It makes electricity with the juice. ――。
The development of such dreamlike battery is advanced in the up-to-date material laboratory of SONY.
The carbohydrate (Vitis vinifera L. sugar) contained in food and the beverage is decomposed by the enzyme, and "Bio battery" that takes out electric energy is it. A quite new battery it is safe and without the negative environmental impact either appears if it achieves it.

Up-to-date material laboratory in Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugishi. It takes charge of the research of the bio battery.
It is a small propeller that Hideki Sakai and the chief clerk of the bioelectronics research group brought it to the hand.
The propeller began to turn mightily when cola was poured into the container connected with the bio battery.
Music is regenerated when tying to portable music player "Walkman". Both colas are the energy sources.

The bio battery mechanism is a long ages. The immobilization of ligand lingua electrode is assumed, and the enzyme and the electron transfer material that reduces oxygen are assumed in the negative pole and the immobilization of ligand lingua electrode is assumed to be a positive pole the assumption of the material that transmits the enzyme and the electron that decomposes the Vitis vinifera L. sugar.
The Vitis vinifera L. sugar solution is taken out in the negative pole and electric energy is taken out by using the electrochemical reaction of taking out the oxidative decomposition Shite electron and the hydrogen ion, and generating water with the electron and the hydrogen ion in the positive pole.
The element of the electron transfer material by which the battery becomes it is a trade secret and Iu.

"This is the same system as living being's energy conversion" and chief clerk Sakai. It is a bio battery to have taken it out as electric energy though decompose the carbohydrate by the enzyme and assumed by the living being including man the activity energy. If this can be used to generate electricity because one of the materials that the vegetable that receives sunshine synthesizes by photosynthesis, the Vitis vinifera L. sugar becomes a renewable energy that exists abundantly in the on earth.

 - Getting a hint from the vital reaction
「Carbon dioxide doesn't go out of the bio battery for the biochemical reaction either. A large-scale investment is not needed, and electricity can be generated with familiar food and the beverage. There is not depleting worry, and either environment-friendly above all. 」(chief clerk Sakai)

"The Vitis vinifera L. sugar can be taken from the accident rice only in the garbage and it in case of the bio battery" is a bioelectronics research group generalization section chief of Yuichi Tokida though the bioethanol fuel that uses the Saccharum sinense and the Zea mays L., etc. is paid attention.
It is at 2001 that SONY started the research of the bio battery. At that time, Mr. Sakai who had applied the prospect to the research of the lithium-ion battery hit on the application of living being's energy conversion as the following research theme.
The environmental problem also was solved in the mind. However,「When the research was started, the bio battery was doubted from surroundings when it was possible to contribute to the product of SONY. To persuade, it could do nothing but extrapolate the results. 」It turns around. 
The turning point was visited in August, '07. The battery that was extent where the current flows is being possible achievement to do Takara as for the world maximum horsepower of the consequence that piles up the improvement and 50 milliwatts till then. When the yield was announced by "American chemical society", it received high acclaim from a domestic and foreign affiliate. The same power output of 50 milliwatts is miniaturized to about the half now.
When having exhibited to "International hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition" in February, '09, it is Iu if electricity seems to be generated with cola and the crowd did not become interrupted. There are a lot of pulling against each other, too and I seem to feel response.

 - The application to the electric car also
The difficulty is an accumulation for practical use to You bet it is. There is still a theme of the raw material investigation like the battery performance, quality, power output, and durability, etc.Now, it is possible to use it with the digital device such as the cellular phone, cameras, and personal computers.
「The dream is still an application to the electric car though the stage of the basic research. If the accident happens, a present car also has the exploding hazard. The fuel cell and the lithium-ion battery that makes hydrogen a fuel also have the difficulty in safety. If the Vitis vinifera L. sugar is a bio battery of the raw material, the safety problem is lost. 」The Tokida generalization section chief speaks solving.

The hybrid vehicle becomes popular, and the electric car is Kon between sales. The day when the bio battery car runs in the town might come though it is said that the age of the fuel cell powered vehicle is coming in the future.

 - The overheat in one worldwide exploitative competition nature.
The bio battery began to be paid to attention worldwide as electric energy of the next generation.
Especially, when the febris rose at a dash after SONY announces 50 milliwatts of the world maximum horsepower by "American chemical society" in August, 2007, it is Iu.
The announcement number concerning bio battery went up to about 3.6 times by the proportion for 06 years, and the location as the research theme reached dimensions of the second eyes for 08 years at the assimilation society of holding after the lithium-ion battery favored as a power source for the electric car the next day. Hideki Sakai and the chief clerk of SONY of the bioelectronics research group are surprised , saying that "The aspect concerning the bio battery in the world changed completely in these five years".

As for the energy source, the research that makes the microorganism and alcohol, etc. a raw material is advanced besides the Vitis vinifera L. sugar of SONY. When the research as the actuate power source is also advanced, it is Iu as for the pacer embedded in the inside of the body while using sugar in blood as a unique application.

There is two horn method in the bio battery. "Active type" to send compulsory material that makes it react with "Passive" that incorporates material such as oxygen that makes it react into electrode for Vitis vinifera L. sugar by pump etc.
The composition is simple, the adoption Shite descending and this ..SONY.. the passive are miniaturized, and straightening of Yasui.
An active type is suitable for making to high power on the other hand though becomes complex large-scale the system.

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Glycolipid "Ganglioside" is a auditory function and it is discovered that it is essential. (Expect it aiming at the regenerative medicine of the inner ear and the contribution to diagnostic and treatment of the sensorineural hearing loss. )

It was ascertained that the existence of Prof. Jinichi Inokuchi in the Tohoku Pharmaceutical College molecular biomembrane laboratory et al. are ganglioside notes 2 in the function of the snail () note 1) from which the oscillating of the sound was converted into the electrical signal that were glycolipid (molecule to which sugar and the lipid bonded) as part of the objective basic research business of Japan standard time) was essential.
Because a remarkable change in the carbohydrate structure and the expression site of Snail internal glycoconjugate note 3 of the snail in a volute sense organ that existed in the inner ear at the function maturation of the development of that) was observed, the participation of the glycoconjugate in the auditory function was suggested. However, the realities of the glycoconjugate in the auditory function were unclear.
This research group made the knock‐out mouse that lost the function of SAT-I (ganglioside GM3 synthase) that was the first enzyme that established the glycoconjugate family called generically ganglioside and did a series of analysis. It has been understood to show the paracusis by selective degeneration and the disappearance of As a result, snail's organ of Corti note 4 of the semicircular canal and the vestibulum that rules the equilibratory sense of the inner ear in the SAT-I knock‐out mouse though it is normal). SAT-I knock‐out mouse's condition is similar to a part of condition of the sensorineural hearing loss.

The sensorineural hearing loss is an impaired hearing caused by the function deterioration of the organ of Corti that receives the trouble of the inner ear, and in particular, the oscillating of the sound and trouble of the nerve since the inner ear. As for this impaired hearing, the hair cell of the organ of Corti is generated by senility besides the nerve fracture due to a medicine such as genetic predisposing factors and anticancer agents and antibiotics and various sicknesses in the setback lingua situation.
However, there is no fundamental so far method of treatment.
Ganglioside GM3 discovered an indispensable thing to the function maintenance of the organ of Corti as for this yield, and the regenerative medicine of the inner ear and the contribution to diagnostic and treatment of the sensorineural hearing loss are expected.
This study results are open to the public in the online preliminary report version of United States science journal "National Academy of Sciences bulletin (PNAS)" on the week (the United States east part time), May 18, 2009 in the one obtained by a joint research of Prof. Katsunori Iwazaki of Fukuoka University Department of Pharmacy and Prof. Michihiro Fujiwara of this faculty.
Executive agency science and technology promotion institution (http://www.jst.go.jp/) Http://www.jst.go.jp/pr/announce/20090519/index.html

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Prime Minister Taro Aso has a press conference in the official residence on the night of the tenth.
The medium target of the greenhouse-gas emission reduction of Japan until 2020
The valid publication lingua of the policy assumed to be "Proportion 15% decrease (decrease the proportion 8%1990 year) for 05 years".

It was judged that the width of the reduction of 1% was able to be piled in addition by the introduction promotion of the photovoltaic power generation for 05 years though the final adjustment was advanced by the direction of the proportion 14% decrease (7% decrease).

The Prime Minister appeals with an ambition numerical value more than the medium target of European Union (EU) and the United States.
The assertion of the decision that Japan initiates the negotiation for the international framework construction after 13 years of measures for controlling global warming that take the place of the Kyoto Protocol.
The policy of working positively was shown in the global warming countermeasure support strengthening and the energy-saving technique providing for the developing country.

A new burden assumed not avoiding, and requested understanding and cooperation from people in each field so that Japan that boasted of the energy efficiency of the cutting edge might reach the objective while it was stressed that the Prime Minister was a reduction of the medium target of Japan in "Real water" that did not contain the allowance win from foreign countries that each country of Europe and America had and the forest absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2).


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