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Panasonic's being expected to make Sanyo Electric a subsidiary in September has understood the 19th. It is because the prospect almost adhered to the review of the Antimonopoly Law such as Europe and America, and Panasonic entered the adjustment in the direction where takeover bid (TOB) of San'you was started in the end of July in the beginning of August.

A large-scale reorganization of the drastic late manufacturer of electric appliances will be achieved from this spring of the first schedule.

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The affiliate is speaking also in Europe and Japan though the problem somewhat remains, "(for take over bid) The big hurdle was lost".

The take over bid will be executed through the document procedure etc. of about one month in the future. 20 minimum business days are necessary for the take over bid.

Panasonic planned making to the subsidiary this spring, and had received the review of the anti-monopoly law in the country and the region of 11. However, the procedure had a rough going especially in the United States.

The share of a automotive nickel metal-hydride battery was assumed and both companies were assumed to match, to reach 8 and 90 percent, and might inhibit the fair competition in the United States. It will think about the lithium-ion battery for the car in the future, and however, the mainstream and the bird clapper are certain, and authorities are thought to be an inclination of the problem to the judgment with the small.


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