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【 Kyoto ]Dainippon Screen Mfg. announced that they had established a new technology that analyzed the film property of the thin film silicon solar panel in cooperation with University of Gifu on the 21st.
It is useful for the prevention of the photofatigue to which conversion efficiency decreases by analyzing the amount of the hydrogen incorporated when the amorphous silicon film is generated on the glass basal plate.
It installs in the film thickness measurement provision of this company as a measuring machine ability of the film quality analysis, and it aims at the practical use this autumn.
There were difficulties in stabilization and the rationalization of production of the cell performance because up to now, there was no technology that analyzed the hydrogen content of the thin-film solar cell accurately though excessive hydrogen caused the photofatigue.
The conversion efficiency of the thin-film solar cell panel leads to the difficulty overcoming if the element cell can specify it by the inspection because the efficiency depends on the low element cell.
It chiefly succeeded in the accurate assessment of the amount of the photoabsorption and the photorefraction degree of the amorphous silicon film by the method that was called "Spectroscopic ellipsometry" used with the semiconductor, and the analyses even of the structure of the hydrogen content etc.


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Aichi Steel Corporation of the Toyota system special steel major announced that they had developed a heatproof magnetic powder that did not use the dysprosium that was a kind of the trace metal on the 16th.
Use with the electric power sheet and fuel pump, etc. is assumed, and it will put it on the market next spring.
The price is Yasui by about 20% of old goods.
Tski 50 tons (By as many as automotive three million small motors) are expected in March, 2012.

It put it in 0.3 micro (One micro was a one-millionth) in the diameter meter, and wrapping and the crystal were collected with the film and the minuteness lingua crystal was put in the microcapsule made of the resin of 100 mu ms in the diameter.
Magnetism was hiked to five times a conventional ferrite magnet by such a device.
Moreover, a heatproof temperature that 120℃ in old goods went up to 150℃, too.

As for the dysprosium, it was possible to take very much only partially, and the securing was difficult though Aichi Steel Corporation had been using the dysprosium to improve heat resistance of the magnetic powder of Chinese Yunnan Province.

The source
- Aichi Steel Corporation http://www.aichi-steel.co.jp/
The strongest heatproof bond magnetic powder in the world in the Dy unpromoted is developed (June 16, 2010)(PDF file) Http://www.aichi-steel.co.jp/topics/data/pdf/topics100616.pdf.

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Britain control power technology (CPT) of an up-to-date engineering company begins the mass production of an electric supercharger in which carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction is assumed to be an aim from 4th quarter (September-December) in 2011.
It is assumed, "The focus is applied to the micro hybrid" (chief executive of ..tool mark.. Pasco Corporation officer) aiming at the reduction of CO2 this company ..uniting the cost and the value.., and uses it for the amelioration of the internal combustion engine by comparatively using the electricity of low voltage.

This company drinks the flow of an up-to-date engineering team of Visteon that is the parts supplier of the Ford system in Britain by the establishment of 07 years.
It works on the equipment development of the CO2 reduction by the amelioration of the internal combustion engine, and it works on the development of the power system of the integration starter generator and the turbine that becomes an idling stop provision using the exhaust gas including the electric supercharger supercharged with the electric motor.

An electric supercharger comparatively aims at the fuel-efficient and the CO2 reduction by making the engine a low revolution by a long ratio making in the system that the supercharging is possible even by low voltage because of the torque increase. It has already aimed at the commercialization at it is possible to end and the early stage on which it negotiates with the manufacturer of several companies.
It combines with the energy resurrection system at the moderation in the future, and the system that uses it for an electric supercharger when the electricity preserved in a super-capacitor is accelerated is constructed.

The stop start system that becomes an idling stop provision aims at the productization at 12 year-end. It aims at the durability of 500,000 times with a flexible system that is corresponding to an actual running situation.

The turbogenerator of the gas energy resurrection turbine that resurrects it develops 2 varieties of the empty cold type and the water cooling type, and aims at the commercialization of 14-15 years the electric power of the energy of exhaust gas.

Now, the amelioration in low cost is promoted to the user for the CO2 reduction of the car as "It is necessary to show neither cost nor value" (same as above) in this company.
An electric supercharger and the turbogenerator are these parts, and the system corresponding to high voltage or more also develops in the future.

http://gazoo.com/NEWS/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsId=afab3b83-ae80-497f-89d4-dbff10fd5645 * official site http://www.cpowert.com/ * image electricity supercharger Http://www.   cpowert.com/images/3/8a90bvtesside1-jpg.jpg http://www.cpowert.com/images/3/46e2fvtesside2-jpg.jpg

Power system of turbine using exhaust gas

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