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【 psychiatric care ]"Aggressiveness advance" is 09/05/09 in the Paxil etc. of four kinds of the care rousing and SNRI.

For the patient who takes "Paxil" etc. of the antidepressant drug four kinds of SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor), the rising symptom is an instruction lingua on the eighth due to the problem of appearing Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare against the manufacturer as for the revision of the package insert.  include the disclaimer of aggressiveness aggressiveness in others as it behaves violently

In the object, four company four products (Paxil, Lboccs, Depromal, and Jeizoroft) are five company in total five products of Toledo Min who looks like the action. The care rousing to the doctor and the patient is done.

In the departmental meeting of the this ministry the drugs' cosmetics and medical instrument and the food safety hygiene council, 35 cases to use violence, and to make others injured are investigated to the family in detail. It was judged that the care rousing was necessary because there were four cases to which dealings with taking were incontrovertible.

SSRI is a medicine that adjusts the concentration of the encephalon internal neurotransmitter serotonin and improves the activity of the nerve.
The side reactions are less than antidepressant drugs conventionally at the time of be called the triheterocyclic, it is widely used for the treatment of depression, and it is thought that one million people or more are using it domestically. (citation former notice assignment article)



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