greenhouse-gas emission reductionの最近のブログ記事

Prime Minister Taro Aso has a press conference in the official residence on the night of the tenth.
The medium target of the greenhouse-gas emission reduction of Japan until 2020
The valid publication lingua of the policy assumed to be "Proportion 15% decrease (decrease the proportion 8%1990 year) for 05 years".

It was judged that the width of the reduction of 1% was able to be piled in addition by the introduction promotion of the photovoltaic power generation for 05 years though the final adjustment was advanced by the direction of the proportion 14% decrease (7% decrease).

The Prime Minister appeals with an ambition numerical value more than the medium target of European Union (EU) and the United States.
The assertion of the decision that Japan initiates the negotiation for the international framework construction after 13 years of measures for controlling global warming that take the place of the Kyoto Protocol.
The policy of working positively was shown in the global warming countermeasure support strengthening and the energy-saving technique providing for the developing country.

A new burden assumed not avoiding, and requested understanding and cooperation from people in each field so that Japan that boasted of the energy efficiency of the cutting edge might reach the objective while it was stressed that the Prime Minister was a reduction of the medium target of Japan in "Real water" that did not contain the allowance win from foreign countries that each country of Europe and America had and the forest absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2).

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