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The crustal alteration has occurred in the domestic market where two or more of TOTO and INAX of an earthen manufacturer had grasped 60 percent and 30 percent respectively up to now though the pottery floats first on the head as for the toilet.
In the tank loess rest room marketplace of the inside that the entire marketplace narrow from the population decrease and the residential construction decrease and feed water tank and the toilet all-in-one design that grows up only, the Panasonic electrical engineering is breakthroughs. The share 30% is won by industry's first rest room made of resin "Arauno". It was equal to INAX(30%), and put "King in the toilet" TOTO(40%) in the range.

As for Arauno of the Pana electrical engineering, the toilet of an upper wash toilet and inferior part of the vestibular ganglion is on earth built with an organic glass system resin that corroborates the rigiditas. The dimensional accuracy is high because the resin is not attached the fur (sober the circle) compared with earthenware, and stamps by the metal mold as well as the house electric appliance etc. , and being able hardly to do the toilet seat and the niche of the toilet is features.
The dimensional accuracy is low because earthenware is hardened the soil, and shrinks by about 5% by the process of baking it in the high temperature, dirt collects in the niche between the toilet seat and the toilet, and there is an Yasui flaw.
It is applied without difficulty if made of the resin though the injection entrance of the detergent to wash the toilet cannot be calcined in the pottery toilet.

The Pana electrical engineering poured the liquid detergent for the commercially available kitchen in the swirl internally in the toilet by applying the generation technique of the minute bubble of 50-60 microns in the diameter developed in the bathtub of this company, and introduced the mechanism that washed the toilet automatically for the first time.

It evolved further and the Pana electrical engineering achieved a technological innovation after a long time , saying that "The toilet is washed in the automatic operation" though "Hips wanted you to wash" was CM of wash toilet "Washlet" that put on the market by TOTO 30 years ago and took the world by storm copy.
"Raku housecleaning Raku" function of brush unnecessary cleaning caught user's heart for 2-3 months.
After it had put it on the market of 2006 years, the order poured in only to one of three landlord things that the housewife felt painful as well as the ventilator and the kitchen as for the rest room cleaning.

As a result, it zooms taking the opportunity of the Arauno sale in December, '06, and "29%, it advanced rapidly in 28% and 09 years of 20% and 08 years in 07, and it reached 30% in ten. " though the share of the Pana electrical engineering had languished to 7% or less for 05 years in the tank loess rest room marketplace where about 1/3 of the rest room marketplaces was occupied. (house equipment industry segments affiliate)

The countermeasure of TOTO and INAX : please. The usage of the water poured after the rest room is used is appealed, and the conventional water saving function suppressed from 13 to 4.8 liters as for TOTO, and 5 liters as for INAX to drastic once is typed out to the vesical surface, and the saving and the environmental protection of the water service fee are appealed.

The clarification member in the showroom of "Too impact Hanai" and TOTO and INAX tells it whether this becomes user's buying motive though the use of water is less than 5.7 liters of Arauno.
Feelings where it wants to escape from the pain of the rest room cleaning than to save water a little are stronger, and it is not more suitable for Arauno "You may not do the rest room cleaning for 2-3 months".

Why do not four years rebut Tatsu from the Arauno sale made of the resin?There is a historical backdrop there.
It has developed originally as an earthen special manufacturer as shown by the Orient earthenware and Ina Seito of both companies and an old name of the company.
Clay is formed while having the shrinkage error margin after it is calcined as a large-scale reactor of the mixture of a native mineral primary material such as special clay (kaolin) and quartz, spending 1100-1300℃ and the first whole by a fabrication high lingua, and calcination in mind, and the earthenware production shop where the operative of the baked workman art works is held in its company. The toilet is a most influential commodity of the earthenware production shop, and it is connected with the restructuring of the shop to switch this made of the resin.
Therefore, even if goodness and the strong point of the resin are understood, it is not possible to shift at a moment's notice. "It is not thrown away to throwing away" dilemma of earthenware.

The progress of the Pana electrical engineering was a gambling at the last moment. It is criticized severely, "Matsushita's rest room doesn't flow" etc. , doesn't bark, and it doesn't fly though it enters the rest room marketplace that is the stronghold of two pottery industry or more of TOTO and INAX in 88.
Though the earthenware production company that buys out it is sold off, and the withdrawal was rumored「Let's try with the resin. Still, if it is not good, it abandons it. 」It went out to the match deciding it.
The resin is my ring where the manufacturer of electric appliances accumulates know-how unlike earthenware. It brought in there, and user's potential needs were dug up by the material innovation that took rival's weakness in the inverted hand.
Common sense "Only the earthenware of the toilet was impossible" was overturned, and the seat of two or more was threatened. Clear weather of the heaven.

Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html rest room http://sumai.panasonic.jp/toilet/stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752


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Glycolipid "Ganglioside" is a auditory function and it is discovered that it is essential. (Expect it aiming at the regenerative medicine of the inner ear and the contribution to diagnostic and treatment of the sensorineural hearing loss. )

It was ascertained that the existence of Prof. Jinichi Inokuchi in the Tohoku Pharmaceutical College molecular biomembrane laboratory et al. are ganglioside notes 2 in the function of the snail () note 1) from which the oscillating of the sound was converted into the electrical signal that were glycolipid (molecule to which sugar and the lipid bonded) as part of the objective basic research business of Japan standard time) was essential.
Because a remarkable change in the carbohydrate structure and the expression site of Snail internal glycoconjugate note 3 of the snail in a volute sense organ that existed in the inner ear at the function maturation of the development of that) was observed, the participation of the glycoconjugate in the auditory function was suggested. However, the realities of the glycoconjugate in the auditory function were unclear.
This research group made the knock‐out mouse that lost the function of SAT-I (ganglioside GM3 synthase) that was the first enzyme that established the glycoconjugate family called generically ganglioside and did a series of analysis. It has been understood to show the paracusis by selective degeneration and the disappearance of As a result, snail's organ of Corti note 4 of the semicircular canal and the vestibulum that rules the equilibratory sense of the inner ear in the SAT-I knock‐out mouse though it is normal). SAT-I knock‐out mouse's condition is similar to a part of condition of the sensorineural hearing loss.

The sensorineural hearing loss is an impaired hearing caused by the function deterioration of the organ of Corti that receives the trouble of the inner ear, and in particular, the oscillating of the sound and trouble of the nerve since the inner ear. As for this impaired hearing, the hair cell of the organ of Corti is generated by senility besides the nerve fracture due to a medicine such as genetic predisposing factors and anticancer agents and antibiotics and various sicknesses in the setback lingua situation.
However, there is no fundamental so far method of treatment.
Ganglioside GM3 discovered an indispensable thing to the function maintenance of the organ of Corti as for this yield, and the regenerative medicine of the inner ear and the contribution to diagnostic and treatment of the sensorineural hearing loss are expected.
This study results are open to the public in the online preliminary report version of United States science journal "National Academy of Sciences bulletin (PNAS)" on the week (the United States east part time), May 18, 2009 in the one obtained by a joint research of Prof. Katsunori Iwazaki of Fukuoka University Department of Pharmacy and Prof. Michihiro Fujiwara of this faculty.
Executive agency science and technology promotion institution (http://www.jst.go.jp/) Http://www.jst.go.jp/pr/announce/20090519/index.html

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Prime Minister Taro Aso has a press conference in the official residence on the night of the tenth.
The medium target of the greenhouse-gas emission reduction of Japan until 2020
The valid publication lingua of the policy assumed to be "Proportion 15% decrease (decrease the proportion 8%1990 year) for 05 years".

It was judged that the width of the reduction of 1% was able to be piled in addition by the introduction promotion of the photovoltaic power generation for 05 years though the final adjustment was advanced by the direction of the proportion 14% decrease (7% decrease).

The Prime Minister appeals with an ambition numerical value more than the medium target of European Union (EU) and the United States.
The assertion of the decision that Japan initiates the negotiation for the international framework construction after 13 years of measures for controlling global warming that take the place of the Kyoto Protocol.
The policy of working positively was shown in the global warming countermeasure support strengthening and the energy-saving technique providing for the developing country.

A new burden assumed not avoiding, and requested understanding and cooperation from people in each field so that Japan that boasted of the energy efficiency of the cutting edge might reach the objective while it was stressed that the Prime Minister was a reduction of the medium target of Japan in "Real water" that did not contain the allowance win from foreign countries that each country of Europe and America had and the forest absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2).


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