Tadano walked by four legs, and developed industry's first robot "ROBOTOPS (Robotops)" to transport the heavy load by two arms. crane..manufacture..cultivate..oil pressure..electronically deployment such as the rescue robots at the making the best use of disaster also puts a remote-controlled function in view besides the technology is fed back to the crane development while evolving it in addition though the commercialization is not scheduled.

The symposium was held in the this company Technical Research Institute in the Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsushi woods town on the 26th. President Koichi Tadano spoke, "The crane of work by the place to which man was not able to go etc. was expected advancing in the future toward the direction of using robots, and Robotops became the one to indicate the future of the crane".

Robotops makes four outriggers (stabilizer) to favour the body of the crane when working of lifting up etc. a mobile, and walks at a speed of 2.5 meters per minute. The movement control system such as making it not tip the balance when the leg was raised by a joint research with Okayama University Department of Engineering was developed.

Movement variegated as the part where the thing in the point of the arm was gripped faced, was worth, and twisted the above and the front because there were joints in 27 places on the leg and the arm, etc. was enabled. 100 kilo is lifted by one arm. The manipulation is operated remotely while seeing the image sent from three built-in cameras with the monitor. Height and width are 2.1 meters, 3.8 meters in the total length, and weight is 2.7 tons.

The flatland can walk in the place in Caterpillar with Hashiri and the difference by four legs. In addition, it aims to commercialize it in the future as a robot that works in the place that man like the rescue operation of the disaster scene and work in the nuclear power facility, etc. doesn't put because it is possible to move it by remote control.

This company matched so that the 60th creation anniversary may come last year, spent three years, and developed Robotops. The title combined "Tops" that the dinosaur often had with the robot.





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