JVC Kenwood Holdings reconstructing management announced that they executed the capital increase through public offering of about 10.6 billion yen by the end of the fifth and this month.
Panasonic of head of shareholders doesn't undertake the capital increase, and the ratio of the stock holdings of this company decreases from present 24.45% to 19.17%. JVC is not an equity method application company of Panasonic, becomes, and it will come off from the group in fact.

JVC Kenwood Holdings http://www.jk-holdings.com/

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JVC Kenwood Holdings sold off the patent right of the DVD relation etc. that Victor Company of Japan owned to Panasonic by billions of yen, and the hardening calositas was the 23rd clarified.  the policy of doing the personnel reduction of hundreds of person dimension

The strengthening of the financial ground is an aim, and Panasonic supports JVC in the aspect by buying the patent right.

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- Panasonic http://panasonic.co.jp/index3.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6752

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JVC Kenwood Holdings announced that they had developed "Next generation high-speed processor" of LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) for the hard disk camera to be treatable of the image by the highspeed on the 14th.

New LSI is Iu when a video signal that the moving image and is both still picture can be processed by the highspeed in one chip, and it comes to be able to take a picture of a super-high detailed image near the movie also with the household use video camera by the image quality about four times 3D image and a full hi-vision in the full hi-vision image quality.
Moreover, the still picture of 8.3 million pixels is rapid shooting and while the moving image is recorded from the increase of the compression speed of the video signal at the speed.  60 per seconds

The width of the circuit was an adoption, an advanced functionalization as for the semiconductor of 40 Nano (Nano is a parts per billion) meter, and power consumption eroded from old goods by about 40%, too.

When the cutback of the period to the commercialization can be done drastic because it is possible to correspond from the consumer product to a business camera with the system of new LSI, it is Iu.

The household use video camera to which it can take a picture of 3D image of a full hi-vision by "User electronics show (CES)" held in U.S. Las Vegas on January 6, 2011 schedules the reference to be exhibited. It is Iu when aiming at the commercialization in the latter half of 11 fiscal years.

The source
- JVC Kenwood Holdings http://www.jk-holdings.com/ Development http://www.victor.co.jp/press/2010/lsi.html stock price http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx? of "HD camera Mochitsugu high-speed generation processor (LSI)" on December 14. scode=6632

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