【 Kyoto ]Dainippon Screen Mfg. announced that they had established a new technology that analyzed the film property of the thin film silicon solar panel in cooperation with University of Gifu on the 21st.
It is useful for the prevention of the photofatigue to which conversion efficiency decreases by analyzing the amount of the hydrogen incorporated when the amorphous silicon film is generated on the glass basal plate.
It installs in the film thickness measurement provision of this company as a measuring machine ability of the film quality analysis, and it aims at the practical use this autumn.
There were difficulties in stabilization and the rationalization of production of the cell performance because up to now, there was no technology that analyzed the hydrogen content of the thin-film solar cell accurately though excessive hydrogen caused the photofatigue.
The conversion efficiency of the thin-film solar cell panel leads to the difficulty overcoming if the element cell can specify it by the inspection because the efficiency depends on the low element cell.
It chiefly succeeded in the accurate assessment of the amount of the photoabsorption and the photorefraction degree of the amorphous silicon film by the method that was called "Spectroscopic ellipsometry" used with the semiconductor, and the analyses even of the structure of the hydrogen content etc.


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JVC Kenwood Holdings overall consolidates the in-vehicle equipment business such as car navigation systems that Victor Company of Japan and Kenwood of the subsidiary handle in the moon. The function of the product planning and business is moved to development and the industrial that both companies jointly invest. Each division reorganizes the group internal business such as in-vehicle equipment and domestic audios and it makes it to efficiency.

The product planning of in-vehicle equipment and the function of business are consolidated in J&K Technologies (JKTE and Tokyo Hachiojishi) that is the co-parent company of both companies. About 170 employees proceed to JKTE from Victor and Kenwood in the moon. The name of the company also changes to "J&K automotive electronics", and all processes from the project of both brand products to sales are handled consistently. The business deficit was post in fiscal year 2008 though in-vehicle equipment was a leading business of JVC Kenwood.

Http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/sangyo/20090621AT1D1902E20062009.html *JVC Kenwood Holdings stock price information http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=6632

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