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Panasonic understood and it was understood to put the LCD TV for tridimensionality (3D) in which the attention of three dimensional vision was able to be done in Japan-U.S.-Euro on the market this spring.
The spread of the infusion and 3D television ..liquid crystal type of 30 type stand that is the well selling.. is activated though merchandise for 3D was developed with a current plasma television, plasma-panel television of the big screen.

It is expected that the screen size of 3D LCD TV newly put on the market expects 32 types and 37 types, and the price will rise for tens of thousands of yen compared with a usual television. The exclusive use glasses are put up.

The unit price might be high, and it doesn't come up to 10 percent of the entire thin-screen TV though 3D television is paid attention. Therefore, it sets up at home and it is an aim to activate infusion Shite 3 D field and to grasp initiativeness of the marketplace as for the Yasui size LCD TV.

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