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Shochu..manufacturing process..go out..shochu..do..skin..moisturizing action..element..ceramide..including..Saga University..Kitagaki..associate professor..research.For the first time ..shochus faint.. ..affirming the ceramide.. though it is known that there is "Beautiful skin" effect in the element of sake. There is no method of using the effective, and the Kitagaki associate professor is expecting, "Lead to the beautiful skin cosmetics development etc. of the high quality and the low price" according to Kumamoto Tax Administration Bureau though it is expected that the shochu lees will go out during year by 700,000-800,000 tons.

The shochu lees go out by the manufacturing process of the shochu. The remainder after alcoholic fermentation lingua mash is distilled.

When he or she felt that the hand Sbesbes it when feeling after malt (malt) when sake is prepared, the Kitagaki associate professor who has the work experience in the National Tax Administration Agency brewing experiment station etc. is Iu. "The ceramide with the moisturizing action is included though a large amount of shochu lees including malt are thrown away" and the guess from the experience. = Sagashi = discovered Mr. Miyo (23) of Hirata of the first study of this university ..under the guidance of the Kitagaki associate professor.. academy agriculture research course master grader.

After 07 years, the shochu lees became the principle renunciation bans by tightening of regulations before though were renounced the ocean to many.
The method of using the effective has not been established still though the brewing company makes to the livestock feed, and has incinerated.

"Fermentation ceramide" and it ..Kitagaki associate professor.. ..this ceramide.. names it. The method of extracting "Fermentation ceramide" ..shochus faint.. is established, and it will be devised that it wants to tie to the commercialization in the future. Mr. Hirata is speaking with "The person who has the worry about the skin becomes development that leads to the worry cancellation by this discovery because it is a lot of".


The moisturizing action of the skin ..shochus faint.. is Mr. Miyo of Hirata who found a certain element.

Saga University Department of Agriculture biological environment Science Section resources circulation production study course production system informatics field http://www.ag.saga-u.ac.jp/japanese/agriculturalsystem/agriculturalsystem.html

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