There is not being possible to resume even if the operation of the Toshiba Yokkaichi shop (Mie Prefecture Yokkaichishi) and the Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd

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There is not being possible to resume even if the operation of the Toshiba Yokkaichi shop (Mie Prefecture Yokkaichishi) and the Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. Yokkaichi oil refinery (same as above) becomes the ninth because of the influence to which the voltage of the Chubu Electric Power jurisdiction momentarily decreased early morning of the eighth.
The Toshiba Yokkaichi shop might influence the production of a variety of electric products in a leading base of the semiconductor production.
It is clarified to the influence large demand ahead that it goes up to 146, and the Yokkaichi industrial zone dysfunctioned in total at 1:00PM of the ninth of Chubuden.

The decrease at the moment of the voltage is an accrual lingua in about 5:20AM of the eighth.
Half the voltage fell by the the greatest for about 0.07 seconds at the level in the region from the Mie Prefecture northern part to the aichi prefecture west and the Gifu Prefecture west.
The trouble of the transformation equipment of the Yokkaichi thermal power plant is a cause and Iu according to Chubuden.

Semiconductors produced in the Toshiba Yokkaichi shop are called, "Flash memory", and an indispensable parts for the cellular phone and the digital camera, etc.
The air conditioning equipment of clean room stops, and a part of production line is a suspension according to Toshiba.
The indoor cleaning operation etc. are sped up, and it aims at the restoration on the tenth. It is Iu when there is a possibility that the shipment drops by the the greatest by about 20 percent next January-February.

The prospect of restoration doesn't look up from the Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. Yokkaichi oil refinery still at 10:00AM of the ninth.
This company does the raw material supply to a peripheral shop, and when plant outages are prolonged, has the possibility that the influence goes out to the production of shops in the surrounding according to the Yokkaichishi industrial promotion section.

The nearby Mitsubishi Chemical Yokkaichi business establishment (same as above) was restored on the morning of the ninth though went out to the entire manufacturing facility of 2-30 percent the influence.
A part of plant is a suspension in the Yokkaichi business establishment of Toso Co., Ltd.. The influence went out to the production of polyethylene though it restored by the end of the eighth.

The influence has gone out to automobile industry.
The data of the robot that used it disappeared by the painting process etc. , and a part of beginning of operation in the production line from 6:25AM of the eighth was delayed about one hour the Toyota Auto Body shop of the mini-van of Toyota Motor (Mie Prefecture city) where acceptance of order was produced. The Suzuka factory of Honda (this prefecture Suzukashi) also stopped parts of machineries of parts temporarily.
It is restoring it now.

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